Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tibre : Looks Formal Feels Casual

Brand :Tibre
Company:Gangotri Textiles Ltd (GTL)
Agency: Fifth Estate

Brand Count:225

Tibre launched in 1999 was one of the fastest growing apparel brand in India. The brand which was focusing on the trouser segment is an aggressive marketing mode these days. The brand when launched was a low key brand concentrating more on the South India.

GTL after its successful IPO has now put the Tibre brand in the national map. Tibre which was initially a trouser brand has extended itself to men's apparel and has plans to launch women's apparels too.
Tibre is a mid-premium segment brand. The brand is priced a notch lower than the premium brands like Color Plus. Essentially this brand follows the path of Color Plus and is fighting it out in the Smart Casuals category. Tibre has a wide rane of trousers like Chinos , Easy Care, Denim,Indigo Chino etc. Unlike the formal trousers, these type of casual + formals rules the current office wear market. I think that the brand name Tibre is derived from the first part of the family name of the Managing Director Mr Manoj Kumar Tibrewal.
Tibre is positioned as a "Cool" brand and the tagline is " Looks Formal Feel Casual". The brand is trying to focus on the comfort and style as its positoning platform with stess on the former attribute.
Tibre is depending on print ads to convey its brand proposition. The ads are classy and different. The brand has been using various themes for its campaigns. Each series has a theme and a series of ads with a relevant message. For example one theme was about nature and the tagline for that theme was " Naturally Soft" while another theme was about "Cool" and the message was " Refreshingly Cool". These eye catching campaigns took the brand to a scorching growth chart during the last three years.
Although as a consumer, I had a bad experience with this brand, the market has responded positively to Tibre. Targeted at young executives, the brand has lot of potential to grow.But there are areas like Quality and Value for Money factors which are problem areas for this brand. I feel that this brand is too expensive for the quality it delivers. With a little more money, one can afford a premium brand rather than go for Tibre. But the positive factors being the lack of competition in the price range that Tibre offers. Competitors like Live-in are not aggressive these days.
Tibre has the potential to grow but it has some more tuning to make with regard to the product.


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