Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marketing Funda : Markonyms

Markonyms is a new word to represent all acronyms that marketers create for the promotion of their brands. ( I take the title of the founder of this word).

Marketers use acronyms to impress the customers and coax them to believe that what marketers says is rocket science. Found extensively in Automobile and Tech related products, Markonyms are becoming more and more useful in consumer products also.
Given below is the first set of commonly used Markonyms with a little explanation.

1. DTSI : Digital Twin Spark Ignition : created by Bajaj for its Pulsar. Even the Pulsar owners doesn't know what it does but however, this markonym has worked wonders for the brand.

2.ZPTO: Zinc Pyrithione : created by Clinic All Clear , this markonym landed the brand into trouble but later the brand won litigations. This ingredient is said to have dandruff eliminating properties

3.MMR: Mosquito Mortality Rate : Created by All Out. Only the brand owners know the exact definition.
4. Hi-fi : Hi-Fidelity : Used by most Music player marketers. It refers to high quality music.

5. HDTV: High Definition Television : Digital Broadcasting system that offers more clarity.

6. LCD : Liquid Crystal Display : Thin Flat display technology uses little energy and also little space.
7.CRDI : Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection : Popularised by Accent. It is too technical for me to understand and explain. It is said to increase efficiency and reduce emission.

8.DICOR: Created by TATA safari : This is same as CRDI . Smart marketing move...

9. ABS: Anti Lock(Skid) Breaking System: Pioneered by luxury car like Accent ;too technical again..
10.24X7: Every one uses it and every one knew what it is .

11.MP: Mega pixel : I have seen lot of my friends going after megapixal cameras ranging from 1-8.. too technical . For more info check out WIKi

12. DHA : Docosahexaenoic Acid: Created by Junior Horlicks: This markonym represent a type of amino acid that is good for increasing brain power.

13. PMPO: Peak Music Power Output: A common markonym used by music system marketers to convey the Sound output of their system. But sound experts say this is just to fool the customers.

14.NFO : New Fund Offer : Created by Mutual Funds when they introduce their new funds. Often investers mistook NFO for IPO of shares where they will get a listing premium. But NFO's are often have below par value when they are open.

15. PSPO: Peak Speed Performance Output: Created by Orient Fans as a differentiator.The company says that this tech gives air to all parts of the room.

16.916: Common markonym created by jewelery marketers. It says that the jewelery is 91.6% gold and rest copper and silver.

More markonyms will follow....


  1. really informative and interesting. waiting for the next episode of marketing funda..

  2. Shows a geniuine critics..Knowledge driven and impulse nature.
    Magesh Babu


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