Sunday, April 22, 2007

Original Choice: Whats Up This Evening ?

Brand : Original Choice Whisky
Company: Paul John Enterprises
Agency: Maithri Advertising

Brand Count ; 223

Original Choice is a leading whisky brand in India especially in the South India in states like Andhra,Karnataka and Kerala. The brand has acquired a whopping 51 % market share in the South India since its launch in 1996. The brand has humbled big names like the UB group and Shaw Wallace in the southern markets.The brand is currently one of the five leading Whisky brands in India.

Original Choice brand was in limelight these days for its guerrilla marketing tactics which surprised both the consumers and marketers alike. The brand is running a high profile campaign featuring the Superstar from Kerala : Mohanlal.

The current campaign is one of the best surrogate advertising campaign I have seen in recent years. All through the state , there are banners that feature the actor asking the question " Vaikittentha Paripadi" meaning " What's Up this evening". This is a very common slang in the state of Kerala. The hoarding also features the brand " Original Choice" banana chips not Whisky. We all know that liquor ads are banned in India and marketers often come out with products like Club Soda ( bagpiper), CD's ( Bacardi) Water (Johnny Walker) etc. Original Choice chose Banana Chips which is a favorite snacks with tipplers.

The campaign also features a TVC where the actor is munching the chips and asking everyone this loaded question in Malayalam " Vaikittentha Paripadi" ( Whats up this evening? ). According to media reports, the distillery has a tie up with the actor's food venture " Mohanlal's Tastebuds" to jointly develop a product line of " evening snacks". But every one knows that this is an excuse for Surrogate advertising.
The latest campaign has angered the moral police and has created a controversy ( more benefit for the brand !). What enraged the civil society is the posters that feature the actor with the chips and bottle of Original Choice which was splashed all across the bars and liquor shops. Original Choice is targeting the economy segment of the liquor market.

The campaign is a terrific hit and according to reports, the sale of this brand has increased after the campaign. The tagline " Vaikittentha paripadi" is on the lips of everyone and sms featuring this line is buzzing everywhere.
Good or Bad, Surrogate or unlawful, this is a marketing success story. If the company is able to take this campaign forward, we can see the birth of an iconic brand.
Watch The TVC here: Original Choice

Vaikittentha Paripadi ?

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  1. great post .Interesting to see YOU write about alchohol !!!! hahahahahha ... now to be serious this ad has got noted even though in duration its pretty long. the tag is cool and its slowly getting into the lingua of people in kerala. so let me as you one thing...hey..vaikittentha paripadi ah...?

  2. sir this is bad sir..u never said u have an ad blog.u have positioned urself as truly indian!!! indian brands and indian ads...great sir!!!!i remember an ad in karnataka featuring upendra saying " yake cool drink " for UB..means why cool drinks??
    3rd one from speaks on chiltu a lingo for small beer in karnataka....anywayz i enjoyed ur iam interested in this area!!!!


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