Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hair O Max : Double Protection : Internal & External

Brand : Hair O Max
Company: Nupal Remedies
Agency: Exodus

Brand Count: 222

Hair O Max is a new product launch from Nupal Remedies which is the owner of the famous Liver Supplement brand Kamilari. The new brand Hair O Max is being promoted heavily by the company through print and visual media. Nupal is a kerala based Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturer which was established in 1960. Their most famous brand is the Kamilari which is a uniquely marketed liver supplement. Buoyed by the success of Kamilari, the company has ventured into hair care segment.

The brand is interesting because of its product properties. Hair O Max is a natural hair fortifying product that comes in two product forms:oil and capsule. Yes.... capsule that should be taken internally. According to the print ads, the brand will prevent dandruff and also give maximum protection to the hair from outside and inside. The brand is being targeted at both men and women.

This brand is being endorsed by Miss India Niharika Singh and the company is spending heavily in the print and visual media. But for the product, I have certain doubts ( academic of course). In theory we talk about Category Points of Parity that talks about the importance of category membership for a new brand/product. Here you have a new product in capsule form that takes the ownership in the category of Hair Care products. We know that 99.99% of the hair care products are to be applied externally and comes in the liquid form. Here we have a capsule trying to make points of parity with that category. Hair O Max has an oil variant but I am referring to the capsule. From the ad, I understand that both capsule and oil has to be used to get the maximum benefit.
So will the consumer be able to accept a capsule form of hair care product.I feel it is very difficult. Remember that problem faced by Amrutanjan cold snap which was a cold remedy that cannot be applied to the nose? There are two issues with regard to this product form:
1.To convince the customer about category membership since the form is entirely different from the existing category products.
2. To convince the customer to consume a capsule.When I asked my wife about the idea of consuming a capsule to have beautiful hair, the response was negative because of the lack of confidence in the product.
The brand is being positioned on the basis of Double Protection: Internal and External.

The issue become more serious because the risk in consuming and the risk in the quality of the product will be there in the mind of the customer. To convince is a very expensive proposition.The brand need to give fast and visible results to get over the confidence hurdle.

Nupal Remedies has a successful history of making the brand Kamilari a success. It has to be seen whether Hair O Max will be successful.
Watch the TVC ( malayalam) : Hair o Max