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Gold Spot : The Zing Thing ( RIP 1977-1993)

Brand : Gold Spot
Company:Coca Cola

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Gold Spot is a sad story in the Indian Branding world. This iconic brand was killed for paving way for Coke's brands in India. Every one knows the story but still...

Gold Spot was one among the three major softdrinks brand that ruled Indian market along with Thums Up and Limca. The brand was built by Rames Chauhan of Parle after the exit of Coca Cola from India during 1977. Chauhan spoted the opportunity and three mega brands were born.
When Coca Cola came back to India in 1993, it bought out the three mega brands from Chauhan for a consideration of $10 mn. These three brands had a huge market share (combined) of over 69 % of India's SDC market. Then came the expected move. Coke slowly began killing the Parle brands to make way for its own brands. Thums Up was sidelined in favour of Coca Coala. Limca was sidelined and Goldspot was killed to make way for Fanta.

Gold Spot was the orange drink with a Zingy taste. This iconic youth brand was positioned as " Zing Thing" and was promoted heavily through all media. The jingle " Gold Spot.. The Zing Thing" was one of the most memorable jingle at that time ( still that jingle lingers in the mind of old timers).
Gold Spot was positioned as the youth brand and the ads talked about being crazy about the brand . You can watch the Gold Spot ad here .
But the brand was killed. Fanta was launched but till now the brand has not being able to take the position of Gold Spot. Coke was not able to clearly focus on the segmentation of Fanta. Fanta is never perceived as a youth brand. Fanta is not viewed or targeted at college students/youth. This confused targeting may have crippled the growth of Fanta and still it couldn't reach the status of Gold Spot. Coke expected that the users of Gold Spot will migrate to Fanta but it did not happened.
We saw Limca coming back in 2006.. can we ever hope Gold Spot coming back ?

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  1. Hi,
    nice article :)
    and u said..u never know! wish Gold spot returns...and also do accept the fact that inspite of the huge promos being spent on Fanta its not been able to reach to the highs of Gold spot! Thanks...enjoyed the ad too :P

    Vignesh Raja

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    we miss u gold spot

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Gold Spot was a great brand and the way it was sold to coke, it marks the shortsightedness on part of its indian producers.

  4. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I just got 3 words to say .......THE ZING THING......

  5. I bet that if Gold Spot is relaunched today, it wud zoom to the number one spot for Orange flavoured carbonated drinks..Limca came back coz of Mirinda Lemon flavour which had started to make inroads sometime back and with LIMCA coca cola gained that market back. But then with FANTA doing really well in the segment, i doubt whether Coca Cola would ever relaunch this brand, unless Pepsi pulls a fast one on Coca Cola !!!

  6. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Fanta could never replace Gold Spot. I loved Gold Spot. It had a unique refreshing taste and a strong feel that lasted even after the sip was taken! I even drank Fanta for a while when it was introduced. But it could not impress me.

  7. Anonymous12:37 AM

    was there some harmful vegetable extract in gold spot that lead to it's discontinuation

  8. There used another orange drink brand based out of Delhi that closed in the 80-90s. It was very popular in the north. Does anyone remember the brand?

  9. There used to be another Delhi-based orange drink brand competing with Gold Spot that closed in the 80-90s. It was very popular in north India. Does anyone remember the brand?

  10. Anonymous10:46 PM

    This is one example where our great India loosing global existance.......lack of .......I don't know.........the so called giants from foreign investors are able to establish foreign brands and now we are importing many products and our rupee is getting weakerand weaker.........inspite of having good and well established brands of India.............

  11. Hi Would you happen to know which year this particular advertisement you have shared the link of was released?

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    lets bring back the gold spot


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