Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dyanora : RIP( 1975 -1995)

Brand : Dyanora
Company : Dynavision

Brand Analysis Count : 378

Dyanora is a brand which evokes lot of nostalgia in me. Dyanora was our first television. I still remember the thrill of watching programs in Dyanora. Thrilled because I no longer needed to plead with my mother to allow me to go and watch TV in our neighbour's house.

Dyanora brand was launched in 1975. The brand belonged to a company known as Dynavision which was JV between Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation and the entrepreneur Mr Obul Reddy .

During those periods, there was severe restriction in the manufacturing and selling of TVs because of licence raj. Those companies who got license minted money because of lack of competition.
Dyanora also benefitted out of such limited competition. Dyanora started selling B/W television and in 1982 it launched the Color Television.

The TV marketers started selling real volumes during 1980's when the government started increasing the transmisson towers across the country.
The company was also going to face threat arisng out of the Government's liberal economic policy during the 1980's where the licences for manufacturing TV was given liberally. With the liberal license policy, many small and medium companies started their manufacturing and marketing of television sets.

From a period where Dyanora faced competition from Solidaire and nobody else, things started moving towards a highly competitive scenario.

Dyanora faced competion from large multinational and national players and also from local regional players. It could not sustain itself in that competitive world. The demand also began to go down which inturn affected the profitability.

Dyanora was a highly popular brand. The company also invested in brand building. The brand had the tagline " keep in touch".

Watch the commercial here : Dyanora

The jingle were very popular at that time so was the visuals. I especially liked the dog with spectacle visual.
The lyrics went on like this :

Are you in touch with whats going on
Are you in touch with the latest around
Get in touch with Dyanora
Get the best point of view
and the Sound thats true
stay in touch with the times
keep in touch with the new
Get the latest Dyanora
Keep in Touch.......

The ad was well made and was very popular during that time.

But the brand did not survive. The company also was confused about the future of the brand. Faced with competition from large companies, Dynavision also tried to prefer building a foriegn brand over the home grown Dyanora.

In 1995, the company entered into a JV with French multinational Thomson International to sell their brand in India. With the focus on Thomson , Dyanora was relegated to the backyard. Consumers also preferred national and international brands which resulted in a significant erosion of Dyanora's market.

Finally the company went into BIFR fold in 1999 and later into eternity.

Dyanora was thus a part of history.