Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Preethi Mixie : I Guarantee

Brand : Preethi
Company: Maya Appliances

Brand Count : 206

Preethi is an upcoming brand in the heavily crowded small appliances market in India. The brand has grown from a humble beginning to become the market leader in Mixer-Grinder market. Preethi is a brand from Chennai based Maya Appliances. The brand was born in 1978 and was no where in the main scene till the late nineties.
Preethi after 29 years is all ready to spread its wings . The brand which is famous in South India has started its journey to become national. The Mixer-Grinder market is worth around Rs 1000 crore and the market is dominated by local players. Almost 60% of the market is unorganised. Preethi is the market leader in the organised segment with a market share of over 30%.
Until late 1990's , Preethi was a small player and the market leader was Sumeet which had a huge brand equity among the consumers. Facing the issue of stagnation, Maya Agencies deputed a marketing and consulting firm Suhita Ethinic Marketing Services Ltd on a Channel and Customer research initiative. The research revealed lot of insight to the company regarding the product and also on the customer buying behavior. One major insight that the company got was the quality attribute that was highly associated with the brand. Both the dealers and customers strongly associated quality and ruggedness to the brand. These insights has helped the company to further sharpen their strategy.
The growth of the brand over the last 5 years has been phenomenal. The market leader Sumeet faced lot of internal issues that adversely affected their position in the market and Preethi became the market leader in the mixer-grinder segment.

Mixers and grinders are of three types : Mixer-Grinder, Juicer-Mixer-Grinder and Food Processor. Mixer-Grinder constitutes the largest category. This market faces the issue of price competition from local players. Hence all serious marketing activity takes place in the Rs 1500 + segment . It is estimated that there are 500 different manufacturers of Mixer Grinders in the country. Another issue is the frequency of purchase. Earlier a family would use the product for more than 15 years but over time, the frequency of purchase has been halved to around 7 years. Most of the time , these products are either bought/gifted at the time of marriage /housewarming and after repeated servicing , the family will opt for a new one. Hence the task of the marketer is to catch the new users everytime and often it is expensive.

I noticed this brand a few years back through the TVC. Preethi regularly uses television to promote the brand. The protagonist in the ad is a homemaker who guarantees the quality of the product . The tagline is " Preethi Mixie : I Guarantee". What impressed me was that the brand has used a homemaker ( Models are used) and the message is simple straight forward. The brand had a good share of voice in the local media. More interesting was the support that the brand enjoyed from the channel. When I inquired about this category, most of the dealers had high opinion about this brand.
Another factor that helped this brand was the product changes that the company made in tune with the trends. The brand comes in following variants : Ecoplus, Popular,Chefpro ,Supergrind and the latest one Blueleaf. In my opinion the strength of the brand is its understanding that Indian homemakers need powerful motor and Preethi Mixies delivered the maximum power.Even in my experience, most of the mixers are severely underpowered to meet the need of a typical Kitchen.

Blue Leaf is the latest offering from Preethi aimed at the upper segment .The new range is designed by Neil Foley of Titan Fastrack fame. The brand priced expensively at Rs 3500+ aims at the SEC A segment .BlueLeaf combine both design and power and is marketed heavily by the company. The brand takes a cue from the heavily promoted Philips Mixie who takes the USP of the silent mixer.Through Blueleaf, the brand intends to project the brand towards a lifestyle positioning.
Preethi has established its equity in Southern Markets by emphasizing its quality and with the new variant Blueleaf, it is all set to go national.

source: businessline,domainb