Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Minute Maid : Refreshingly Orange,Surprisingly Pulpy

Brand : Minute Maid
Company: Coca Cola
Agency: Leo Burnett

Brand Count:213

Minute Maid is the latest launch from Coca Cola. Minute Maid is the global leader in the fruit juice industry. The brand which was earlier associated with Orange Juice has grown to become a umbrella brand for fruit juices and has even extended it to non soft drinks.

Minute Maid was launched in India in February 2007.The brand assumes significance in the plans of Coke because of the scare it had in the pesticide issue. By launching Minute Maid , Coke is moving towards health drinks. According to Financial Express, the market for Packaged Fruit Juices is expected to be around Rs 350 crore. The market leader is Dabur Real with a share of 57% and Pepsi Tropicana with a share of 30%.

Minute Maid have a rich history. The brand was born in 1945 when Florida Foods Federation developed orange juice powder with a rich fresh-squeezed taste. The name Minute Maid signified the ease of preparation of this product ( "It can be prepared in a minute"). The brand became instant success. The brand later was acquired by Coca Cola. Today the brand spreads across the globe and comes in various flavours and SKU's. Some of the popular extensions include Calcium Fortified, Premium Choice,Heart Wise, Bone Wise etc.

Minute Maid is now being launched in India in a phased manner. The initial launch is in the southern states of Karnataka, TamilNadu and Andhrapradesh. The brand is being initially positioned on the superior taste platform. The brand uses the tagline "Refreshingly Orange, surprisingly Pulpy". The tagline signifies the USP of Minute Maid which is : Pulpy Orange juice drink with real orange pulp. The brand is targeted towards young adults who look at health drinks.The brand is priced at Rs 25 for 400 ml and Rs 60 for 1 litre. (I havn't seen the ad since it is not launched in Kerala, will be updated in due course)

The brand is expected to shake up the fruit juices market in India. The success of Maaza will give lot of confidence to Coca Cola in this segment. And a high profile launch will help increase the category size also.
Watch the international commercial here

Source:minutemaid website,financialexpress

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