Friday, March 23, 2007

Brand Update : Lux

Lux is getting better and bolder. Facing the pressure in a cluttered market, Lux is now in an effort to break the clutter. 2007 is seeing Lux in a new avatar: Lux Pink. Lux has launched all new Pink in a Special Edition pack. The new variant Lux Haute Pink comes in a new flavor, color and fragrance. The most differentiating being the packaging. Lux Pink as you can see from the picture is a stark deviation from the existing variants. The look is different and the message is also different. The brand says : Beauty is not a color or a fragrance... its an attitude! Lux invites you to wear this attitude everyday, to enter a world where we celebrate the pleasures of beauty. Lux .Play with beauty.

The new variant is being promoted in tvc and also in magazines. The brand takes on the pink and celebrates the color. This special edition Lux aims to break the clutter and tries to bring the excitement back to Lux. The packaging is tempting and can see a lot of trial purchases.

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