Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brand Update : Pleasure

Pleasure has started using Hrithik Roshan in a latest marketing move. The latest ad is aimed at promoting the Just4her showrooms. Just4her is the all female showrooms for giving personalized service to Pleasure customers.
The latest ad offers Pleasure customers to have a date with Hrithik. 21 lucky customers will dine in style with Hrithik. Hrithik is the brand ambassador for Hero Honda group as such and had been endorsing Karizma. Pleasure is now trying to leverage the celebrity in breaking the stronghold of TVS Scooty.
Pleasure is Hero Honda's take on scooters. Aimed at the fairer sex, the product is advertised heavily in media with the tagline " Why should boys have all the fun". Just4her showroom are first of its kind in India. The showrooms are promoted using the tagline " Where every girl is a celebrity". Hero Honda has also created an Exclusive Lady Rider Club taking a lesson from the success of its Passport programme.

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  1. Hi Harish:
    just stumbled on your blog. the analysis part is really cool and amazing. in fact I have become your fan, but one drawback. I didn't know what was "pleasure" until you expressed the same in the closing paragraph. Intro first them the subject what do you feel. You don't have to take my advice. Keep going strong.
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  2. The good part is that the promo is in line with the brand proposition & not some Gold Coin or the likes. Though, a more direct headline would have made this more effective. (Buy .. this month.. win..) Looks like the Brand Manager insisted on integrating the brand name into the headline ;)


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