Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Easy Off Bang: And Dirt Is Gone

Brand : Easy Off Bang
Company: Reckitt & Benckiser

Brand Count 210

Easy Off Bang is a global brand launched recently in India. Easy Off Bang is a Multipurpose surface cleaner that cleans the tough stains,rust,hardwater build up and the like from surfaces.The brand was launched in Europe in 2004 and according to reports, the brand was a blockbuster success in the European market.

Easy Off Bang was launched in India in 2005.The test launch was in Tamilnadu and inspired by the positive response, the brand went National in 2006.The total surface cleaning market in India is estimated to be around Rs 350 crores (including toilet cleaners and floor cleaners).The concept of a surface cleaner is something new to Indian households . Mostly even for toughest stains, we use the common cleaning solutions and if it does not work then leave it like that !. Easy Off Bang is trying to explore a new segment in this category. Reckitt is the market leader in the surface cleaning market with products like Harpic, Lizol and Collin. Easy Off Bang is a product that fits neatly into the product line.

What is interesting about this brand is the Brand Name. The company decided to use the global brand name in India also.It is true that the name caught the attention of customers because of its uniqueness ( clutter breaking). But other than that positive aspect, the brand name (I feel) is a misfit in Indian market.Easy Off Bang is now promoted heavily through television. The brand takes the Demonstration Led Advertising where the anchor demonstrates the effectiveness of the product.The brand uses the tagline " Bang... And Dirt is Gone".

Easy Off Bang is a niche brand and is targeting SEC A and B segment. The product is priced at a premium at Rs 65 for 400 Ml.Although the brand is being advertised as a tough stain remover, the website shows certain surfaces where this product is not effective.According to the website, Easy Off Bang is not effective in the surfaces like Marble, Aluminum, vinyl floor tiles etc .Some customers may get disappointed by this disclaimer.

Easy Off Bang became very successful in the global market within two years of launch. This brand is present in around 70 countries and the company expects Indian market to positively accept the brand. The brand faces the issue of developing this category because customers may consider Easy Off as an avoidable expense and this brand faces competition with the ordinary floor cleaners. Although the brand name is little unorthodox for Indian market, the success of Alpenliebe may give confidence to the company. The performance of this brand will be closely watched by the customers and the delivery of promise will determine the success of Easy Off Bang.