Friday, March 30, 2007

Brand Update : L'Oréal

L'Oréal has been aggressively promoting the men's range of personal care products in India. Loreal uses the brand name Men Expert for its men's range. The company expects a
big boom in the personal care products targeted at men. Although there are no exact figures on the size of the male grooming market, one report in puts the figure between Rs800-1100 crores($0.25bn) and growing exponentially. Men Expert was launched in India in 2006. The company has been using the Slow Skimming strategy in India till now. The products are advertised in selected magazines and the product range is amazing: which Indian men may not have seen before. The company has been using its international ads here also.For example one ad in a leading English magazine was for Pure & Matte (?) Anti Regreasing Moisturising gel with anti sebum complex. The gel promises long lasting hydration, non greasy, non sticky texture. If used after shaving, it soothes razor burn...Cool isn't it? The ads are tempting and appeal to the rational mind unlike the ads of " fair and handsome".

Indian men has not seen anything like these before... Check out their website, you will amazed by the range..
Globally Men Expert is positioned rationally using taglines :" The best skincare technology for every man's skin". In India, the brand uses the tagline " You're worth it too" taking a cue from Loreal Paris' tagline " Because you are worth it".
Loreal men expert is premium priced and the print ads convey the message of premiumness. The brand is looking at the increasingly beauty conscious Indian male who doesn't shy from spending on grooming.

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