Friday, March 02, 2007

Brand Update : Colgate

Colgate is now rocking. The brand which commands the toothpaste market with over 53% share is leaving no room for competitors. This once complacent giant has now becoming very aggressive with new product launches and innovative marketing campaigns. This year the brand has come out with a new variant Colgate Max Fresh Citrus Blast.
According to news report, the variant is a result of customer analysis by the company on the tastes and trends. The company has found that customers are moving from monotony to variety, artificial/cosmetic to natural ,single to multi/combo etc. Citrus blast is a result of such a consumer insight. Since the launch of Max Fresh variant, the brand has doubled the sales. Citrus variant is expected to increase the brand's position in the market. The brand has embarked on a 360 degree campaign promoting this variant and Saif Ali Khan will be endorsing this range. The brand is targeting youth age group 18-35. ( source:

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