Monday, September 29, 2014

Schmitten Chocolate : Love to Love it

Brand : Schmitten
Company : Rajhans Group

Brand Analysis Count : # 550

The Rs 4500 chocolate market has a new player- Schmitten. Schmitten is a Swiss chocolate made in India ! or to be fair, this chocolate is positioned as a Swiss chocolate. The new brand comes from Rajhans group which is a Rs 3500 crore real-estate developer. 

The new brand- Schmitten is positioned as a premium brand competing with the like of Cadbury Silk and Temptation. Schmitten is the mother brand which is being launched as a moulded chocolate like Dairy Milk. Schmitten also has another product - Hoppits which is a bar-chocolate like 5 Star.

According to newsreports, the chocolate although made in India is made with machine imported from Switzerland, Denmark and Germany and uses Ghanian coco beans and Swiss recipe.

Priced at Rs 80 for 70 mg pack, the brand resides at the premium end of the chocolate market.It is priced competitively for a luxury brand.

Schmitten is launched with the endorsement from Priyanka Chopra. The launch campaign is styled as a musical and the brand has the tagline " Love to Love It ".
Watch the ad here : Schmitten 

The basic premise of the brand's launch message is that its a crime to ask for a bite of Schmitten. The brand had a launch teaser campaign where various punishment for taking a bite of  Schmitten is shown.

The musical ad has some kind of a novelty in it but doubt whether the packaging and the ad has succeeded in creating the premium image for the brand. The ad purely talks about the story and doesn't convey any message regarding the USP of the brand.
My take on the launch campaign was that it could have been much better and the premium factor is missing in the ad.

Further the tagline " Love to Love it " is a confusing tagline. What does it actually mean !!
Having said that, since chocolate is an impulse purchase, Schmitten , with its celebrity endorsements would get consumer trials and eventually it is the product performance that is going to be the key. 


  1. The positioning of Schmitten is that of a premium brand. However, the clear availability of the Chocolate at road side Tapris tend to be confusing and doesn't reflect the premiumization of the product. The branding of the product isn't well thought about and the casual approach may backfire the brand. In order to gain the market share, i believe they would have to rework on the pricing.

    1. Schmitten is not available in Bangalore :(

    2. Anonymous4:17 PM

      available on

  2. excellent article

  3. Can i please know that where it is available in New Delhi ?

  4. Basant Pandey10:09 AM

    Rajhans has made a big mistake in making Scmitten available at roadside tapris in direct opposition to its premium image and price. They are making the cardinal error of marketing a premiuim product on the lines of a mass market product rather than positioning it as a premium brand and then once the brand image is built and aspiration levels rise then going mass market. In the process they are wasting money on advertisements and display schemes and will be unable to sustain beyond a few months. The marketing strategy should have been introduction in only high end outlets with tie ups for promotional activities and promotional offers to consumers. Then once the product is available and seen in high end outlets and aspirational levels rise then there should be an introduction into the mass market with introductory offers for retailers and consumers. The TV ads which account for maximum marketing cost should sta

  5. Isha Gupta2:50 PM

    I have recently tasted the product and i have to say that the company is trying to use a pull marketing and push distribution approach because they know the product cannot compete with the existing brands in the market. The flavor is extremely mediocre and resembles any local brand. People who are looking out for the product; believe me, you are not missing out on anything. In continuation to my previous post, i would like to add, that the premium image created by the brand is just a gimmick to lead sales.

  6. Agree on the communication. The brand doesn't cue premium or luxury or swiss. But according to this article: it is still one of the biggest launches of 2014

  7. Is it available in jammu

  8. Varun4:33 PM

    Worst chocolate ever!!!!
    Don't believe me?
    Buy 1 and just microwave for 30 sec, u will get enough oil to fry pakoda


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