Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Brand Update : Cadbury Gems refreshes itself with more chocolate and a worst Ad

 Cadbury's Gems has always been a timeless brand with lovers across all age groups. The brand which is almost 53 years old in India has created a unique place for itself. So it makes sense when the brand thought of a theme of being ageless. But alas, the campaigns that the brand had created will destroy the brand's image and likeability. The campaigns with the tagline" Raho Umarless" which mean stay ageless was promoted on the premise of adults displaying their love for the brand in a bizarre manner.

In my opinion, these campaigns are nothing but disgusting. Firstly the brand is a bit confused about the target. Is it adults or kids or all? and what the ad does is that it repels everyone. Especially the way these adults in the ads eat Gems is repulsing. Then comes the worst of the lot- the 2021 ad. The new campaign marks the refreshing of the product with more chocolate. But the same outrageous campaign theme execution continues. I and my mother was watching the ad and at the end of it, both of us were saying - Yuck!

Monday, June 07, 2021

Campaign Trail : Play New by Nike / Brilliant Story Telling

 Nike is an iconic brand because of the power of advertising. The brand over its existence since 1971 has created some iconic advertisement epitomizing its brand mantra of " Celebrating Atheletisim". While spending big on getting the iconic athletes and sportspersons to endorse the brand, Nike was always careful to be grounded by communicating to ordinary people. So their brand campaigns always had advertisements that tend to motivate the ordinary you and me to try out something. 2021 saw a similar approach from Nike in their new campaign " Play New" which celebrates trying and failing. 

Celebrating failures is nothing new in the motivational world but the way the agency Wieden & Kennedy executed the theme is nothing but brilliant. These ads testify to the power of storytelling and the power of advertising.