Monday, March 27, 2017

Brand Update : What happened to LMN ?

Remember LMN?

I was listening to a news regarding the launch of Frooti Fizz last day and suddenly remembered a very hyped brand LMN from Parle Agro. After campaign blast during the launch in 2008 and repositioning in 2009, the brand went to silence.

My guess is that the brand got a silent burial soon after the relaunch. There is no mention of the brand in the Parle Agro website also. What is sad is that LMN was such a powerful brand name, the company was not able to capitalize the brand name.
The second factor is the promotion. Parle is a company ( in my opinion) which does only seasonal bursts of promotion. Even for its bread and butter Frooti, This seasonal spurts of promotion does not augur well for a new brand that too in highly competitive market.
The third factor is the positioning. Although the brand's initial campaign was artistically good, it did not resonate well with the target audience.
So till Parle decides to relaunch LMN, May it rest in peace.

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