Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Market Statistics :Soaps

According to Business Standard ,Indian soap market is worth INR 10000 crore. HUL's lifebuoy is the largest selling soap with 15%share.
Lux market share is 13-14 %
Dettol at 8.5 % and Santoor at 8.2%.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brand Update : Cadbury India to be rebranded as Mondolez India, What it means to brand Cadbury

According to Economic Times report, Cadbury India is going to be rebranded as Mondolez India. This was predicted after the iconic company was taken over by US based Mondolez International. It is interesting for a brand enthusiast as to see how this affect the iconic brand - Cadbury.

Cadbury has a huge equity in India and is consistently rated high in most of the brand ratings in terms of trust and popularity. So what happens to Cadbury after the company is renamed to Mondolez.

Firstly, Cadbury after the re-naming of the company will no longer be a corporate brand. Then what will it be ?
If one looks at the brand architecture of products from Cadbury India, Cadbury acts as the brand endorser for most of the products - whether it is 5 star or Dairy Milk or Shots. Cadbury thus extends its powerful equity to all the chocolate brands from its stable. So powerful is the equity that when Mondolez launched its Oreo biscuits, it chose to endorse the brand with Cadbury .

Cadbury had its equity derived from the rich heritage dating back to 1824 . The brand has grown to an iconic status through the brands like Dairy Milk. So this is one of those family brands which derived its equity through the success of the brands it endorsed and also as a leader in the chocolate category. As a corporate , Cadbury became strongly associated with chocolates and became the world's second largest confectionery company. 

In my opinion, although the Cadbury has lost its status as Corporate brand, it will be retained by Mondolez India as a family brand which endorses the chocolate products from its stable. 
While earlier, Cadbury earned its equity in the capacity of a corporate brand ( being the largest, most respected confectionery company) that source is now lost because it is no longer a corporate brand. So from where will the brand gets its equity from ?  Now since Cadbury is no longer a corporate brand, Mondolez needs to create new sources of equity for this iconic brand. Cadbury needs to be nurtured as a family brand and the company no longer can take the strength of this brand for granted. If it is going to be relegated as logo on the pack of the products, that will be  a sad state for an iconic brand. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How marketers visualize deadly Germs !

Indian marketers are in love with germs. Many brands have taken up the task of protecting Indian consumers from the deadly attack from the germs. Keedanu is often the generic term used by Indian marketers to denote the germs. 
For many brands, especially in the cleaning segment, the basic USP of most of the brands is the germ-fighting. Marketers have chosen different ways to visualize the germs. While some brands have tried to make the visualization close to reality, some brands have chosen to go beyond reality. 

A peep into how marketers visualize the deadly germs.

Dettol has been in the forefront of fighting germs and the USP of the brand is " Be 100% Sure". This brand has visualized germs in a realistic manner.

Dettol Handwash 

Dettol Soap

Lifebuoy  is a brand which fights Dettol in terms of the positioning. While Lifebuoy soap which boasts of protecting consumers from 10 types of Keedanu has chosen to depict these germs in a realistic manner.

On the other hand, Lifebuoy handwash has gone the exaggerated way with the deadly germs taking up the form of animals with hands legs and even tails. Some looks like octopus.
Lifebuoy Handwash

Pepsodent is another brand which talks about fighting germs and the brand has also tried to visualize germs in a more realistic manner.
Pepsodent Germs

Colgate which is the principal opponent of Pepsodent has gone to depict the germs in a comic fashion. The germs although deadly looks cute and funny. But beware : Looks often deceive !
Colgate Germs

Floor cleaners are another saviors for consumers in the fight against the germs. Lizol which is the major brand in this category also have realistically portrayed the "Deadly Germs" 
Lizol germs

Danone Yogurt 
According to Danone, there is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Good bacteria are round shaped,  cute and colorful.

The award for the best creative visualization of the deadly KEEDANU goes  to

Nothing beats the visualization of germs as done by Domex. These germs comes from the labs of Steven Spielberg. The Domex germs are organized and there is a leader who is plotting war against the humans. But thankfully Domex saves the world.

This is what Wikipedia gives as image for bacteria !
E Coli

Monday, April 14, 2014

MRF ZVTS : The comfortable radial

Brand : MRF ZVTS
Company : MRF Ltd

Brand Analysis Count : # 540

Tyres which are generally boring products belonging to a whopping Rs 45000 - 50,000 crore category has seen many interesting brands being built. Although tyres belong to a high-involvement category owing to the high cost of purchase ( replacement category) but the purchase is seldom enjoyed by the consumer.

MRF is the market leader in the Indian tyre market with a share of ~ 27 %. ZVTS is the radial brand from MRF. What is interesting about ZVTS is the care that the company has took in branding and positioning this brand.
ZVTS was launched in 2000 and was expected to drive the MRF's entry into the radial segment. The replacement market for tyres are huge and MRF was expecting that ZVTS would make its mark in this segment. What makes interesting about ZVTS is the consistency in the brand communication.

MRF ZVTS is positioned as the " Most Comfortable Radial ". The positioning has been consistent in the entire 14 year history of the brand. In the initial years, the brand was endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar. 
It is also interesting to see how the brand communicated the positioning in their ads. The brand has maintained a consistent imagery in most of their campaigns. The brand used  the imagery of a small child enjoying the drive , car floating in the air etc. These imagery has been consistent in the brand's communication and has effectively communicated the positioning clearly to the consumers
Watch the ad here : ZVTS ad
                              Zvts old ad
The imagery , in my opinion, is one of the best and very relevant one in communicating the brand's proposition of a comfortable radial. Hopefully the brand will not change is powerful imagery in future.
In the brand architecture , MRF has followed a policy of carefully creating sub-brands like ZVTS, Wanderer, ZLO and developing USPs for each of these sub-brands. For example, Wanderer is for SUV and ZLO is for " high speeds". Along with this MRF has been careful about building and nurturing the parent brand also.  

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Brand Update : Kingfisher Airlines brand for sale. But who will buy ?

According to reports, the creditors of the defunct Kingfisher Airlines has decided to sell the brands - Kingfisher Airlines and other related trademarks. It is said that KFA owes Rs 7000 crores to the creditors.Naturally the news was carried with lot of importance by the media. 
My first reaction was who wouldn't want to get such a great brand ! I had the impression that Kingfisher brand was up for sale.
When we look at the fine print, things are not that attractive. According to media, the creditors have control over " Kingfisher Airlines " and not the Kingfisher beer brand. And reports also suggest that five years ago, Kingfisher Airlines brand was valued at Rs 3000 crore.

Now the question is who would be interested in Kingfisher Airlines brand ?
My guess would be that none would be interested in that because KFA as an airlines brand has lost the source of value. The value was lost in two aspects -
a) The airlines is defunct so there is no functional value for the brand.
b) The major source of equity for Kingfisher Airlines' brand was from the Kingfisher beer brand which remains with the UB group. 

I think the creditors had made a huge mistake in taking Kingfisher brand , which is an intangible asset, as a collateral without understanding how that brand derived its value. Kingfisher Airlines as a standalone brand does not have much value if de-linked with the beer brand and the brand owner with whom the brand had lot of linkage. Who ever that made the pitch to the creditors was a great salesman !
Now for a suitor, buying Kingfisher Airlines brand at a high cost doesn't make sense since this brand now has the liability of a  "failed brand "  image. One can buy this brand to prevent that brand from flying again for ever but its not worth it !

So who would be interested in buying  a dead brand ? 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Brand Update : Small deo brands gets celebrities to move ahead

In the cluttered Indian Deo Market, brands are keeping no options unused. Denver, has roped in Saif Ali khan to endorse while Envy - another deo brand has roped in Irfan Khan as the celebrity endorser. The 2100 crore Indian deo market is cluttered with local brands upsetting the majors like HUL and gaining market share. 
The competition is getting more intense with brands like Provogue, Park Avenue entering the deo market with their own variants. Recently ads were splashed across the media for Provogue Deo being endorsed by  Fardeen Khan. 
Having said that, the positioning of all the deos has remained almost the same- attracting girls. The exception was Fogg which became India's largest selling deo brand which was positioned differently . The Fogg's proposition of " No Gas " was liked by the consumers and Fogg dethroned Axe to become the market leader. Envy, another deo brand, was quick to imitate Fogg. While Fogg claimed to give 800 sprays for a bottle of deo, Envy claimed to give 1000 sprays. The fight still goes on. 

Now these brands are banking on the celebrities to create some space of itself. But as commonsense speaks, celebrities themselves have become commodities, so what kind of value that they can bring in ? However, these smaller brand will gain immediate brand-recall through the celebrity endorsement which may bring in results in the short-term. In this era of " Quarterly Performance Focus " who is interested in long-term !