Friday, May 19, 2017

Brand Update : Frooti extends to Frooti Fizz

In a very surprising move this summer, Frooti decided to extend itself into Fizz category with the launch of Frooti Fizz. The fruit + fizz category was created by Parle Agro through Appy Fizz in 2005.
The brand had a very high profile launch piggy banking on the brand ambassador Alia Bhatt. Now Parle Agro have SRK, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt endorsing its brands. That also is a shift from the earlier promotional strategy which was essentially not revolving around a celebrity. 

The new launch is interesting in the sense that why should a brand like Frooti extend to a category which is significantly different in terms of the most important category attribute -Taste. Frooti is the market leader in the category and the brand is worth around 600 crores. Fruit + Fizz category is a niche category now. The brand owners feel that customers are shifting from artificially carbonated drinks to other forms which are perceived to be more healthy. So the Fizz category may see an interest from the mainstream carbonated drink customers and eventually grow in size. Frooti with its brand equity would be able to drive more customers into the category. 

Another reason is to bring in renewed interest into the brand. Frooti being a brand which has been in the market since 1985 wants to rejuvenate the brand equity and stay young and relevant. One way to stay relevant is to keep reinventing and experimenting. This launch is also such an effort to keep the brand innovating and taking risks and explore newer pastures. 

A lot of success of Frooti Fizz would depend on the taste factor. The nature of the Fizz category was that it was suited for occasional indulgence and not for regular consumption ( personal opinion !). Frooti Fizz would be aiming to change that. The launch ad tries to create a Yo image for the brand. However, I cannot read much about the brand in the advertisement except the presence of vibrant colors and the brand ambassador.
Frooti has taken a risky step by extending into a different sub-category. I am not a fan of extensions, however, Frooti may benefit from the additional promotional push and consumer interest aided by this Rs 100 crore media blitz.