Friday, March 30, 2012

Brand Update : Thums Up wants you to live the thunder

This summer , the iconic brand in the Indian soft drinks industry has made a significant change in its positioning. Thums Up, rightly said as India's most resilient brand, is now running a campaign which marks a significant change in its positioning.

Over the last few years, Thums Up has been promoted on the theme where the protagonist ( celebrity) would do anything for his Thums Up. In all the campaigns, the protagonist would do unbelievable stunts to get hold of this Thums Up. The brand lived up to its reputation of being a Macho drink was further reinforced by its powerful tagline " Taste the Thunder".

This summer, the brand owners decided to change the winning formula. The entire brand's communication platform has been changed. The protagonist now does not chase Thums Up. But rather, he gets so excited after having Thums Up that he begins to do the stunts. The brand although retains the tagline " Taste The Thunder" now has another slogan " Aaj Kuch Toofany Kartey Hain ". 

Watch the ad here : Thums Up Live the thunder 

It also seems that the brand has dropped Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador. The new ad features the Telugu super star - Mahesh Babu for the all India campaign.

What is significant in the latest campaign is that the brand's definition of context has changed. The protagonist now possess Thums Up and now he is seeking excitement outside the brand . In my opinion, now the brand is no longer the major focus or the goal in the plot. The ultimate goal of the celebrity is now something other than the brand ( like shortcut /time saving etc) . This is a very significant change in the brand's communication strategy  and not a good idea. While the earlier theme of chasing a Thums Up was unique, the idea of doing stunts after consuming a soft-drink is an old idea. For example , Mountain Dew's campaign of Daar Ke Aage Jeet Hain has the similar concept. I don't understand why a brand like Thums Up chose to ditch its unique communication platform and adapt a also-ran communication theme. Who got bored with the old positioning ?

The only solace is that the brand still carries the iconic tagline " Taste the Thunder "

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Brand Taglines : G to L

Brand Slogans and taglines ( G to L)


  1. Gatorade : World's No 1 Sports Drink
  2. Gariner : Take Care
  3. Grasim Suitings  : For the self made
  4. Graviera : Feel of Life
  5. Gems ( Cadbury) : Rangeen Panda ka Rangeen Pasand
  6. Gillette : The best a man can get
  7. Go Cheese : 100 % Cow's Milk
  8. Golgappa ( Parle) : Goli mein Golgappa
  9. Getz ( Hyundai) : Getz You
  10. Gold Winner : G For H, Gold Winner for Health


  1. Horlicks : Taller Stronger Sharper/Family Nourisher
  2. Hippo :Hippo Fights Hunger
  3. Hero Motocorp : Hum Mein hain Hero
  4. Hyundai : New Thinking , New Possibities
  5. Honda  : The power of dreams
  6. Happy Jam : Makes Everybody Happy 
  7. Halls : Thandi Saans ka Blast
  8. Hanes : America's No 1 Apparel Brand
  9. HP : Computer is personal again
  10. Harpic : Ready for Harpic Challenge ?
  11. Havells' ECB : Shock Laga Kya ?


  1. Idea : An Idea can change your life
  2. ICICI Bank : Khayal Aapka
  3. Indigo ( Tata) : A Class apart
  4. Indica (Tata) : More car per car/ Sedan class ( Vista)
  5. Indigo Airlines : On Time is a Wonderful Thing
  6. Intel : Intel Inside / Sponsors of Tomorrow
  7. Infosys : Building Tomorrow's Enterprise
  8. Indigo Nation : Young Like That
  9. IFB: Set Yourself Free 
  10. Imperial Leather : Everyday Luxury
  11. Inkfruit : Always On
  12. ING Vysia Life : Mera Farz
  13. IFFKO Tokyo : The life you desire


  1. Jazz ( Honda)  : Why So Serious
  2. J Hampstead : Nothing but the best
  3. John Miller (readymades) : Good looking Rascal , Make it look easy
  4. Johnny Walker : Keep Walking
  5. Jeeva  : The complete Ayurvedic Soap
  6. Jaguar : As Alive as you are
  7. JK Tyre : Total Control
  8. J&K bank : Serving to empower
  9. Jumpin ( Godrej) : Peeke sub kahe mmmm/Sip sip mein boing boing
  10. Joy Alukkas Jewellers : World's Favorite Jeweler


  1. Kurlon : India's Largest selling mattress
  2. Kamasutra : What do you want to be tonight
  3. Kingfisher : The King of Good Times
  4. Kohler : The Bold Look
  5. Kara Skincare Wipes : At Your Best Always
  6. Khaitan : Bas Naam hi Kaafi hain
  7. Kinder Joy : Surprise Inside
  8. KitKat : Have a break, Have a KitKat/ Kitkat break banta hain
  9. Kelvinator : Its the coolest one
  10. Kent Water purifier : Now Live a healthy life with Kent
  11. Kangaro : Organizing documents world over
  12. Kinley : Boond Boond Mein Vishwas
  13. K-Series Engine : Leaner Meaner Fitter


  1. Lux : Filmi sitaroan ka soundarya sabun
  2. Lifebuoy : Lifebuoy hai jahan thandurusty hain vaham
  3. Louis Philleppe : The Upper Crest
  4. Lays : No one can eat just one/ har program ka main food/Dillogical/ make your moment magical
  5. Limca : Lime'N'Lemoni/Doobo Taazgi Mein
  6. LMN : LMN LMN LMN ( Emergency Lemon Refresher)
  7. Lux innerwear :Apna luck pahenke chalo/ Comfort for everybody
  8. La Opala : Adding style to your lifestyle
  9. Lenovo : For those who do
  10. Levi's : Go Forth
  11. Lee : Sticks to you like it loves you

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brand Taglines : A - F


  1. Amaron : Lasts Long, Really Long, Ting Tong
  2. Alpenliebe : Lalach Aaha Laplap
  3. A Star  : Stop @ Nothing
  4. Alto : Lets Go
  5. Allen Solly : My World, My Way
  6. Aliva : Thodi Sharafat, Thodi Shararat
  7. Arrow : USA 1851 / The League of Professionals
  8. Acer : Life is busy, Acer makes it easy
  9. All Out : Macharoan ka Yamraaj
  10. Amway  : We are listening
  11. Airwick : Its good to be home
  12. Amul : The taste of India
  13. Amul Macho : Ye toh bada toing hain
  14. Accu-check : Live life the way you want
  15. Apache : Racing DNA Unleashed
  16. Amrutanjan : Its Gone /Pure Healthy Essence / Kick Out Pain
  17. Ambipur : Fragrance Your Imagination
  18. Appy Fizz : Cool Drink to Hang Out With
  19. Allen Solly : Friday Dressing / Adios Stressing Hello friday dressing
  20. Accenture : High performance delivered
  21. Airtel : Express Yourself 

  1. Binani Cement : Sadiyon Ke Liye
  2. Breathe Right : Breathe Better, Sleep Better
  3. Bournvita : Do you have Bournvita Confidence ? / Tan Ki Shakthi, Mann Ki Shakthi (2011)
  4. Boost : Boost is the secret of our energy
  5. Big Babool : Bade Kaam Ki Cheez
  6. Boomer : Boom Boom Boomer
  7. Bournville : You don't buy a Bournville, You earn it
  8. Brio : It Loves You Back
  9. Bosch : Invented for Life
  10. Bru : Happiness Begins with Bru
  11. Bingo : No Confusion,Great Combination
  12. Belmonte : Suit Your Style
  13. Blackberrys Suit : Go Sharp

  1. Cif : Lets You Shine
  2. Candyman : Kucch Bhi Karega For Candyman
  3. Center Fresh : Zubaan Pe Lagaam
  4. Chlormint : Dobaara Mat Poochna /Chaba Daba Ke
  5. Complan : I am a Complan Boy
  6. Clear Shampoo : No Dandruff
  7. Clean & Clear : Clean Clear and Confident
  8. Ceat : Born Tough /Be Idiot Safe
  9. Coca Cola : Open Happiness
  10. Canara Bank : Together we can
  11. Close Up : Taazgi Jo Pas Laye
  12. Coffy Bite : Coffee or Toffee /Bachchon Ki Coffee, Badhon ki Toffee

  1. Dyna : Be a Lady
  2. Dairy Milk : Kucch Meetha Ho Jaye
  3. Dettol : Be 100 % Sure, 
  4. Dabur : Celebrate Life
  5. Dominoes : Hungry Kya /Khushiyon ki Home Delivery
  6. Dinesh Suitings : Take the world in your stride
  7. Doy soap : Clean Skin, Healthy skin
  8. Daiken : Complete Silence
  9. Domex : 100% Germ Killer
  10. Dell  : Power to do more

  1. Eclairs : Chocolate ka meetha bomb/Dooble Sara / Get Lost
  2.  Enfield : Trip
  3. Essilor : Seeing The World Better
  4. Essenza Di Wills : Your Essence Your Soul
  5. Eveready : Give Me Red 
  6. Everyday Dairy Whitener : For great tasting tea
  7. Eno : Gets to work in 60 seconds
  8. Euro Innerwear : Prepare to get assaulted 
  9. Eon ( Hyundai ) : India On
  10. Economic Times : The Power of Knowledge

  1. Fa  : Feel Good Freshness
  2. Fiama Di Wills : Beautiful You , Today Tomorrow
  3. Frooti : Fresh'N'Juicy , Grow Up
  4. Fair and Lovely : Chaand Ka Tukda
  5. Fastrack : How many you have ?
  6. Fair & Handsome : Be fair ,Be Handsome
  7. Fem : Beauty With Care
  8. Fiesta : Go Fida 
  9. Ford : Go Further
  10. Fanta : Zyada Fanta Zyada Masti

Friday, March 09, 2012

Brand Update : Sprite Ditches University of Freshology

University of Freshology has closed down. All the students now can take the road because " Rasta Clear Hai"..

How sad that a brand like Sprite struggling to find a sustainable positioning . The brand which made its presence felt in the Indian market with a very clear and simple positioning based on the core benefit of  softdrink - Quenching Thirst. That positioning made Sprite the market leader in the category and  in 2009, the brand was the second largest soft drink brand in India.

Over the last few years, the brand ditched its focus on thirst and went after other positioning ideas. The struggle continues till date with the brand changing its communication themes every year. Last year , the brand introduced a much hyped concept of University of Freshology with some un-creative campaigns which in my opinion failed to excite the market. It may be because of that reason , the brand decide to bring back its positioning based on its erstwhile " Clear Hai " theme.

This summer, the brand is running a campaign with the new tagline " Rasta Clear Hai "
Watch the TVC here : Sprite Rasta Clear Hai

A campaign which further deteriorates the core brand identity of Sprite. The tagline Rasta Clear Hai means the "road is clear " which means what for the brand ? What is the value that this tagline or positioning is giving for the brand ? The brand owners may have wanted to convey that Sprite drinkers know their way ( how to get their things done )  but this positioning lacks the sustainability factor. 
The question is from this ad to what ? How is the brand going to build on this concept of  " Rasta Clear Hai " . My guess is that this theme will be for the summer of 2012.Then there will be another quick fix formula. 
Sprite has already lost its charm as a very clear, no-nonsense brand. Thankfully the competition 7UP is doing much worse... Solace.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Best Marketing Practice : Uncle John's iDrive

It feels good when a brand innovates on an idea that benefits not only the brand but also the community. One such innovation is the children's park which was created by Cochin ( Kerala) based ice-cream brand Uncle John. Uncle John is a famous local brand of ice-creams marketed by M/S Jojo Frozen Foods Pvt Ltd. The brand name is coined from the name of its founder MC John.
Uncle John's I-Drive is a small children's park located near the NH Byepass at Cochin. Cochin which is the business capital of Kerala only has two well maintained parks for the residents. Both these parks are located in the heart of the city which makes it difficult to reach thanks to the heavy traffic. The launch of this small park which is away from the traffic of the city has proved to be a big boon to Cochinites. The park is modeled as a traffic park for kids with cycles, battery operated cars etc and other standard outdoor plays like slides, see-saw etc.
Pic Courtesy : The Hindu

What is interesting is that the whole concept of the park is ideated and executed by the brand. According to reports, the park is the idea of Mr.Joseph Simon who is a Director at the company which owns the brand. Another interesting fact is that the park charges Rs 25 as the entry fee ( per person) and the users can purchase ice-creams for that amount. The park already is a big hit among the residents of Cochin.

This park  is a classic case of smart marketing practice where the brand takes an initiative to offer something that is useful for the community ( also the target market) at the same time benefiting itself in the process. The investment of the park is huge but it is going to benefit the brand in the long-term. The brand through this idea is able to attract the TG and also makes them experience the products and at the same time provides enjoyment to them. This is a classic case of experiential marketing. 

However, the brand despite being innovative in the concept somehow was not aggressive in promoting its itself  in the park. Except for a hoarding there is not much OOH media inside the park that enhances the brand's visibility. In a typical Sunday, around 700 families visit the park and that is an audience a brand will die for.  There is lot of scope for innovation for the brand inside the park.Hope that the brand is able to sustain the park and gain its true return in terms of brand equity. The brand could have done lot of things inside the park that will enhance the brand's awareness and equity like
  • Events
  • Memorabilia
  • Merchandise
  • Contests
In the long term factors like safety, new games/rides, courteous staff, parking facilities, support of the corporation authorities will play a critical role in the success of this unique idea.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Brand Update : Lays Wants to Make Your Moment Magical

This year, Pepsico has brought about another positioning change in its most successful snack brand- Lays. The brand  never really found a sustainable positioning platform ever since it ditched its " No One Can Eat Just One " tagline. The last tagline of the brand was " Be Dillogical " which was introduced in 2009. So for around two years, the brand managers tolerated the positioning. 

This year, the brand decided to experiment yet again with the tagline , bringing in the new one -  "Pal Banaye Magical " meaning " Making Moments Magical ". The brand is running the new campaign featuring the brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan.

Watch the ad here : Lays Pal Banaye Magical

The ad follows the usual theme of group of friends or protogonist ( disappointed because of  cancellation of some event, boredom, etc)  and how brands liven their moments. The idea ( theme) is not at all new and has been used by brands across the world. Recently Titan Raaga used similar theme using Katrina Kaif , Tic Tac also used similar theme and Nano has used somewhat similar idea for their new positioning effort. The expectation of something different was not met by Lays in the current campaign.

Regarding the tagline " Pal Banaye Magical " sounds good and the creatives can work on this theme with a variety of stories. But I would say that it never comes anyway near to the brand's original tagline.And these frequent changes in the positioning doesn't augur well for the brand's overall strength. 

The brand which started its journey by positioning on taste later moved on to occasion based positioning ( har program ka main food) then moved to a higher attribute like Dillogical and then finally to celebrate friendship and togetherness. How ever in the execution front, the brand was not able to bring in any magic to these concepts.

On the other marketing practices, Lays innovated on its range of flavors using customer co-creation. Through a nationwide campaign , the brand solicited ideas of new flavors from the consumers and was able to create lot of buzz in the market. This move also gave the brand lot of innovative flavors to work upon, engage with the customers and also strengthen one of its core attributes - taste and flavors. The move was the blunt or in other words establish points-of-parity with its competitor - Bingo. ITC's Bingo was highlighting its " variety of flavors "  as its USP. Through the co-creation campaign, Lays was able to convince the customers that it is able to innovate on flavors too.

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