Saturday, June 29, 2019

V-Nourish : Real Ingredients, Wholesome Food

Brand: V-Nourish
Company: Veeba Foods

Brand Analysis Count: # 590

After the forward integration from an ingredient maker to a marketer of branded food products, Veeba has launched its new brand V-Nourish in the Indian market. The child nutrition market in Indian is worth around Rs 7000 crore and growing at around 12% YoY. The market is dominated by the likes of Horlicks and Bournvita. It is in this segment that an Indian company is going to fight for space. 
And the company is doing it in style. The brand has roped in none other than King Khan to endorse the brand. V-Nourish is positioned as a wholesome tasty food and comes on 4 variants. The brand has also launched a variant V-Nourish PediaPlus for kids from 2-5. 

The launch campaign is plain and simple straight forward talk by the celebrity about the brand benefits. There is not much scope for creativity in such a sort of theme.
It is really a coup of sorts for Veeba to having roped in SRK for the launch campaign. Although celebrity endorsement has become a common feature in advertising in India, the presence of such a star gives a big boost in terms of brand awareness for V-Nourish. To fight the likes of Horlicks, Bournvita, etc, you need such a headstart. Since this is a matter involving child nutrition, building brand trust is of paramount importance. Marketers at Veeba hope that SRK will help boost both awareness and trust for the brand. It is also interesting that SRK is seen to be a favorite for products involving kids - Byju's has also taken him as the brand ambassador.