Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brand Update : Close Up

Close Up has come out with a unique set of variants with a unique brand name Flavalicious. Close Up was concentrating on its parent brand - the ordinary Red Close Up and was trying to build the core brand. In 2004, the brand had made a decision to limit the variants. It even cut down some of the variants like Tingly red and Eucalyptus blue.

Close Up has been positioning itself on the Freshness + Tooth whitening platform . The latest commercials talks about the brand giving confidence to young people to smile freely ( without thinking about their teeth or bad-breath) .
Close UP Flavalicious - as the name indicates focuses on the flavors . The new variant comes in two flavors : Tangerine Burst and Luscious Lyche .
These variants are launched as Limited Edition products. That means these products will be available only for a limited period of time.

These two flavors are new to the Indian consumer. The packing are also different and more flashy. The brand is targeting the young ones and those who are bored by their usual toothpaste flavors.
The Flavalicious variants were launched in Indonesia by Unilever in 2005. In Indonesia, one more variant is available i.e Chocolate flavor. That has not being launched in India.
According to Businessline,the product is priced at Rs 30 for 80 gm. But I found only bigger pack in stores that costs Rs. 50 .
The new launch is aimed at bringing in the young customers back to the Close Up portfolio. The brand has been facing stiff competition from the market leader- Colgate who has launched successful variants like MaxFresh. Colgate ( Gel variants) also gave itself a younger look by using Saif Ali Khan and Asin as the brand ambassadors.

Close Up off late was not getting its communication acts together. Most of the campaigns are far below average in terms of execution . The brand is now trying to bring back the excitement with these new variants. The campaigns are not yet started in the mass media while instore promotions have already began.

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