Monday, January 14, 2008

Power Mosquito Swatter : A worthwhile Hobby

Brand : Power Mosquito Swatter
Company : Tera Impex

Agency : NA

Brand Analysis Count : 304

If you ask me to name the most useful product I have seen in 2007, I would say that it is the Electric Mosquito swatter. I would also say that this product was one of the hottest selling product in Kerala in 2007.
Kerala is facing one of the most severe mosquito menace of recent times. The mosquito density is as high as 95%. This menace caused a severe attack of Chikunguniya ( a virtually unknown disease till 2006)in the state which took lives of many. I live in Cochin which can be termed as the headquarters of mosquitoes in the state.

Cochinites has been experimenting with all sorts of methods to keep themselves protected from mosquito attack. Most houses in the middleclass and above are insulated with Netlon but still these smart intelligent pests enter the houses at will. Mosquito repellents acts as energizer for these devils.

Then came this product : Electric Mosquito swatter. The product is a tennis racket shaped bat with a wire mesh and electrically charged grid inside. The bat when slowly waved traps the mosquito inside and it dies out of an electric discharge when it bridges the terminals of the device. The mosquitoes die instantly with a spark followed by a splitting sound.
As soon as this device was introduced, the entire city embraced this new found savior. During the dawn , just walk through the lanes of Cochin city, one can hear the sound of mosquitoes getting electrocuted .
For many this bat provides a physical exercise and mental pleasure. The pleasure in the sense that you are able to pay back for the irritation that these small creatures give you. For once the mosquitoes are at the receiving end. There are even households where husband and wife plays a game as to who kills maximum mosquitoes. It has also become a favorite time-pass for husbands when their wives are engrossed in those " Kyon Ki " Soap operas.

Mosquito swatters are popular in West as Bug Zappers. Bug Zappers was invented in 1934 by William Folms and Harrison Chapin. Electric Zappers was developed from these Zappers.

These bats are priced anywhere between Rs 225 - 700. The entire market is dominated by Chinese products. While Indian products comes with warranty, consumers prefer the cheap Chinese products only because of the price factor.
The success of this product is without a single ad. The consumers buy this because it offers a solution to one of their major problems . It also shows the threat that Chinese products give to Indian marketers. But it is also an opportunity for marketers to brand this product. So far there is no well known Indian brands in this category.

Searching the internet for Indian brands, I just found one brand - Power mosquito zapper. Although I hav'nt seen any promotion for this brand, the site offers some differentiators like : Twice Speed Recharge, Leak-proof net etc.
A prospective Indian brand can take on the following differentiators :
a. Battery life
b. Safer than the Chinese products
c. Child safe net
d. More quality
e.Better killing power etc.
d. Healthy option compared to repellents.

My take is that the potential for this product is going to grow in coming years. I also feel that there is an opportunity for an Indian brand in this category.