Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brand Update : Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury has been aggressively promoting the latest positioning " Kuch Meethi ho jaye " . The brand has for a while using Amitabh Bachchan to maximum. The latest story involves BigB craving for Dairy Milk when the car driver mention the word 'Meetha ' or Sweet.
Watch the Commercial here : Diary Milk

The brand want itself to be synonymous with Sweet. The new campaign comes after the successful ' Pappu pass ho gaya ' and ' Miss Palampur " campaigns. Both these campaigns were aimed at generating social acceptance of consumption of chocolate during occasions to celebrate .

The new campaign want to increase the Brand Salience of Dairy Milk. Theoretically Brand Salience refers to the depth and breadth of brand awareness. While depth talks about how easily the brand is recalled. Breadth talks about the range of purchase and usage situations that this brand has been recalled ( source : SBM by Keller). Dairy Milk has immense depth of awareness and now the brand wants the consumer to remember it whenever he/she thinks about sweet.

Through these campaigns , Dairy Milk wants to move above the category constraint of " Chocolate " and spread its awareness whenever the consumer thinks about having something sweet. This strategy is to tide over the limitation that a product category can create regarding consumption of a product. The first two campaigns was to popularize Dairy Milk connecting it to various usage situations while the new campaign is to increase the breadth of the purchase situations by saying that buy Diary Milk whenever you want to have something sweet.

This time the brand has taken a 360 degree approach towards brand promotion. The brand has an interactive website which contains lot of interactive fields and downloads.