Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brand Update : Reid & Taylor

Reid & Taylor is currently running a new campaign " Dress Code " .The campaign features Amitabh Bachchan in his usual self. The new campaign is aimed at stretching the usage of the brand. The campaign involves a series of print and TVC. The message is simple : You are constantly being watched. Whether you are in office or enjoying life, there are lot of eyes watching you, hence be in your best always.
The TVC is little difficult to understand but the ' idea' is worthy.
Within a short period of time, Reid & Taylor had made an impact in the market. The brand is perceived to be an expensive one ( it is !!) so there is a chance that the customers will use the brand only on certain 'occasions' . The new campaign aims to counter this perception.
It has to be recalled that the earlier campaigns stressed on occasions like Boardroom , marriage etc. Even in the new campaign some hangover is there since they talk about boardroom, M&A etc.Focusing on occasions to use a brand can severely restrict the usage of the product. Once this is registered with the mind of the consumer, it will take a lot of money to change that perception. However the new campaign brings back the style factor in the brand which was missing in the earlier ads.

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