Saturday, September 08, 2007

Coca Cola India : Little Drops of Joy

Corporate Brand : Coca Cola India
Agency : McCann Erickson

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Coca Cola India for the first time has came out with corporate campaign in India targeting its stakeholders. The multimedia campaign " Little Drops of Joy " is aimed at raising the corporate brand image of the company which took a heavy beating with a number of controversies it faced in different domains.

The new campaign is a part of a complete restructuring exercise in the Indian arm of this global change. Coca Cola recently announced its new corporate strategy called the " 5 Pillar " strategy. The company has identified the 5 pillars as
Partners &

The Little Drops of Joy is a part of the communication strategy aimed at projecting the company as a responsible Corporate citizen whose main aim is to bring JOY into people's life. The main idea of this campaign is to lift the corporate brand from a single brand focus to a multi brand company ( a portfolio of brands). Little drops of joy campaign also aims at a image make over. The company plays down its size ( multinational ) and becomes more humble and approachable. The concept is communicated through the manifesto which now becomes the guidelines for future company operations. The manifesto is given below

A mighty ocean we’re not.
we are the little drops that make one.
Because small things go a long way. At Coca-Cola India,
we believe that there’s more to a little sip. It’s the moment of truth. A second of satisfaction. An instant of happiness. A bubble of hope. Because we don’t quench your thirst. We recharge your soul. For one moment. One drop at a time.

The new direction reminds me of the former Chairman of Coca Cola , Robert Goizueta who asked the company managers to capture the Share of Fluids taken by a customer rather than bothering about the competition from Pepsi.Likewise Coca Cola is trying to capture those little moments of joy.

Watch the TV Commercials here : Coca Cola Corporate

I cannot say that this commercial has a Big Idea. The idea is a copy of Mastercard 's Priceless campaign . The execution of the commercial is OK but for me its too much of Hindi (Havn't seen an English/Malayalam version.
The new campaign makes lot of sense for Coke since it has faced issues of pesticides , groundwater exploitation controversy at Plachimada in Kerala which hurt this brand more than the rival Pepsi.
Through this campaign , the company aims to gel with the Indian consumer as its own rather than a western one. Its sad since Coke has been more local in advertising than Pepsi but had to bear the brunt more than Pepsi in these controversies.

But will these campaigns help the makeover, I guess not. It will be actions that will speak louder than ADS in the case of Corporate Brand Image. Trusted corporate brands like TATA , Infosys and the likes has built its reputation through its actions rather than ads. Coca Cola globally is respected as a highly ethical corporate citizen. Its sad that in India, the company had to face unexpected setbacks from some of the stakeholders. The company has now identified its mistakes and these campaigns ( I hope ) are just a signal of the beginning of a new era for Coca Cola India.

Source: agencyfaqs.cocacola website