Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bubbaloo : Funfilled Center

Brand : Bubbaloo
Company Adams ( Cadbury's)

Brand Analysis Count : 269

This brand is Cadbury's latest foray into the bubblegum market.Bubbaloo is the latest entrant in the Rs 180 crore bubblegum market. Bubbaloo is a global brand which came into existence in 1985. The original owner was Adams which later became the subsidiary of Cadbury's.Bubbaloo is now sold in 25 countries and is a global major in the bubblegum market.

Bubbaloo is a soft bubblegum with a liquid filled center. The brand is similar to the Center Fresh in the form . The brand is positioned as a bubblegum with FUN FILLED CENTER. The brand is targeting kids unlike Center Fresh which is more of a youth oriented brand. In the market, Bubbaloo is competing with Boomer and Babool which targets the same segment.
Like Boomer , Bubbaloo also has a mascot . The mascot is named Bubba : the cat. Bubba is a modern friendly stylish cat and the first commercial is already on air.
According to the company Bubbaloo is trying to differentiate itself by the product qualities. The brand is much softer and as its competitors , Bubbaloo make big bubble. Infact the brand is famous for the largest bubblegum bubble ever blown ( 58.4 cm). Bubbaloo comes in two flavors : strawberry and mixed fruit. Although the differentiation of being Liquid Filled is not a USP or a serious differentiator, in the confectionery market , it is the noise and the offers that matters. The brand is priced at Rs 1 and the company expects a market share of 10 -15 % in the near term.

The brand is in a market dominated by two major brands. Boomer and Babool together commands 87 % of the market. Again the market is flooded with consumer promotions ( free gifts and collectibles ) and establishing itself will be a challenging task.
But the silver lining is that Indian Bubblegum market is growing at 20 % which makes it attractive for new players. And since there are only two players, Cadbury's also thinks that there is a room for a third brand.
There is another interesting feature to this brand. Although Bubbaloo is from Cadbury's and Cadbury have a brand equity which is unmatched in the confectionery space, Bubbaloo does not associate itself with the parent brand. The reason is obvious. In theory we call it the Secondary Association. Having a secondary association with Cadbury's will have a negative effect on both Bubbaloo and Cadbury's because Cadbury is strongly associated with Chocolate. And a bubblegum never fits into this association. Hence the brand takes the parentage of Adams .
Bubbaloo has all the necessary brand elements to make it big. A mascot, globally successful product, lots of money to spent on advertising and the excellent distribution strength. Kid's Channels will see lot of airtime spent on the fight between the THREE B's