Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brand Update : Frooti

Frooti has been running a new campaign these days. The new campaign is significant because it reflects the return of the original tagline of Frooti " Mango Frooti , Fresh N Juicy ".

Watch the Tvc here : Frooti
Remember that Frooti had earlier changed the tagline to " Piyo Bindaas " . The new campaign gives the message that India has changed but the favorite fruit juice drink is still Frooti. Frooti has been facing lot of competition these days from brands like Maaza. With global beverages majors turning their attention to Non cola drinks, Frooti has the challenge of retaining its current market.

According to a report in Agencyfaqs, the brand is aiming to target the youth ( 15-24) which is considered one of the most toughest class of customers in India. The new campaign is the beginning of an image makeover of this heritage brand. Frooti has a strong customer base among kids. But with the TG growing up, the brand has the tough task of being relevant. The brand has also launched a below the line promotional series " Thank you Mango Lovers" .The campaign aims to express the brand's gratitude to both the trade and consumers for its support over these years.

I like the fact that Frooti has realized the need for a change and its a difficult task that it has undertook. I also like that Fresh N Juicy tagline is back. Somethings never change.......

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Source : agencyfaqs