Saturday, September 01, 2007

Brand Update : Scooty Pep

Scooty has come out with a remarkable campaign - 99 color campaign. The brand now is available in an unbelievable 99 shades. I think it is the first time in the world that an automobile is available in 99 shades.
In marketing classes we use a quote from Henry Ford about the Model T car which was available only in black. " You can have any color as long as its black" ( although there is no proof that he said this).
Marketing has come a long way.....

TVS is now running a series of campaigns featuring the brand ambassador Trisha highlighting this feature.

Watch the TVC here : TVS Scooty

The move is unique and high risk. Scooty off late has been facing tough competition from Pleasure , Active and Krystal. Although the market share of Scooty has not been affected, the brand faces issue of differentiation. The competitors are feature rich and hence differentiation based on features no longer remains. All these brands are heavily promoted in the media. Hence to sustain the leadership, Scooty has to find a unique and serious differentiation.
Color never has been considered a differentiator in the Indian market. Marketers were skeptic about using colors as a differentiators because it is costly to manufacture products in various colors and customers may not be willing to pay a premium for the colors. But those thoughts were applicable in the past. Now consumer research shows that Colors has become an important attribute in the purchase of durables. One reason is that Features now no longer has the exclusivity. Another factor is the need for certain segments of the customers to express their individuality through colors. The affluent Indian middle class are also looking for aesthetics along with features. Hence while choosing a refrigerator, one may buy one which matches the color of the wall.
Scooty's new initiative is based on the consumer insight that customers are willing to pay a premium for unconventional colors. And individuals wish to express their attitudes through the colors. The popularity of Yellow Zen and the success of Godrej's EON range of refrigerators reinforces this insight.
And as the marketing theory suggests, when you have to promote a differentiation, do it in style. Differentiation should be important, distinctive,superior,preemptive, affordable and profitable. And 99 colors definitely makes a difference and significant too. But there are concerns. Concerns regarding the economies of scale . I still wonder how TVS managed to pull it through their production process. Managing the inventory will be a nightmare for TVS managers. According to reports, signs are encouraging. one out of four customers selects an unconventional color. Scooty charges a premium of around Rs 1000 for these colorful variants.

If I go by the theory, Scooty will be the brand which have the largest number of product line extensions. Cool....

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