Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrations : Riste Pakne Do

Brand : Celebrations
Company : Cadbury's
Agency :Contract Advertising

Brand Count : 273

Celebrations is a unique brand. Actually Celebrations is a collection of brands which makes it more special. Celebrations is the gift packet from Cadbury's having an assortment of its chocolate brands like Dairy Milk, 5 Star, etc. In a lighter vein,using a brand Cadbury's is trying to sell a collection of its brands.

Celebrations is unique because its the first time that a organized confectionery brand is trying to cater the festive gifting segment on a mass market scale. Please note that Amul has built its chocolate brand using the positioning " A gift for someone you love " . In the case of Celebrations, the segment is different.

Celebrations was launched in 1990. During these 17 Years, Celebrations was focusing on Occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali etc. The brand was trying to capture a slice of the market which was dominated by traditional Mithai and dry fruits.
This year, Celebrations is trying out a new strategy. From occasion focus , the brand is trying to look at segments outside the festive seasons. The reason is that Occasions limit the usage of the brand. People never look at the brand during non-festive seasons. Hence the brand loses relevance during non festive seasons. One option for the brand is to increase the occasions of usage of the brand ( example of Archies Cards popularizing various occasions of giving Cards can be noted in this scenario).
Here in the case of Celebrations, the brand moved out of festive based gifting to Social Gifting. That is a complete repositioning that the brand has embarked upon.
The new exercise is based on certain consumer insight. The company research has shown that usually gifts are hurriedly pulled out , dusted and rewrapped. That is the reason why we get so many Glass sets, clocks, casseroles. Most of the gifts are insincere. There can be many reasons for this - lack of time, lack of choices, forgetfulness etc.
Thus from this insight, came the big idea : why not position Celebrations as an effective Any Time Gifting Option. A gift which is sincere and easy to select.
The brand is now running a heavy duty promotion for the brand in the visual media.

Watch the TVC here : Celebrations
The ad is well made and the concept is simple : An insincere gift going full circle and coming back to the people who gifted it.The ad uses the song from the film Tohfa to great advantage. The brand is trying to tell the customer to chose Celebrations because it is a sincere gift. Ultimately the brand is positioned itself as one that facilitates strong relationships.

So a big idea backed by good advertising. Will it work ?
There are danger zones. The brand is trying to alter the social gifting behavior of the Indian customer which is not easy. Giving flowers and gifts are the accepted norm but will the Indian consumer accept Sweets as a Social Gift is something to watch out for.

For sweets / chocolates as gifts, there are premium foreign brands like Ferrero Rocher, Hershey's and Lindt already available in the market. Cadbury's is never considered as an "Aspirational " brand because it is affordable . And consumers are going to think " What will he think when he finds out that the gift is Chocolates ? "
Guess who wins the race ?

Clock or Celebrations ?
Tea set or Celebrations ?
Curios or Celebrations ?

Although I am skeptical about the success of this initiative, Celebrations is definitely a relief for me as a consumer, now there is an easy choice. This gift is useful when visiting a a friend who has kids. For giving it to adults ...... I need some more convincing.