Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brand Update : Horlicks

Horlicks which had a wonderful growth phase ( 12.8 %) in 2006 has stepped up its gas on the marketing front. The last few months saw this 138 year old brand is building on its successful positioning " Taller Stronger Sharper " . Horlicks is currently running a campaign encouraging the customers ( Kids) to take Horlicks EVERYDAY.

Watch the commercial here : Horlicks Everyday

The commercial is a logical extension of the Epang Opang Japang campaign which highlighted the benefits of the brand and helped the brand to differentiate strongly from the competition. The brand also takes the medical platform by labeling the product as " Clinically Proven ". Now that the brand is sure that customers are aware and convinced about the efficacy of the claim, the brand is trying to induce the customers to take Horlicks everyday. I feel that the brand managers got some insights about the non-regular usage of Horlicks because the message of the campaign focuses specifically on the brand usage. In marketing theory we talk about a strategy at the maturity stage of PLC is to increase the product usage. This campaign is a small example of pushing the occasional drinker to a more regular user.
This also throws light into the fact that a brand has to be careful about the customer usage patterns. Horlicks has convincingly told the customers that the brand can help the kids become stronger taller and sharper. But there is a catch, these results will happen only through a continuous usage of the brand. Hence the campaign is a subtle reminder that Horlicks is not a wonder drug.
Its interesting to note that globally this brand is positioned not as a good nourisher but as a drink that will give you a goodnight sleep.

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