Friday, October 30, 2009

Brand Update : Lux

Lux got bigger. The brand has come back in style. Lux released its first commercial featuring the most famous "Star Couple " of bollywood - Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. The brand is currently running this high profile campaign across the media space.

Watch the ad here : Lux new ad

HUL has been facing lot of heat from the competition. Most of its best sellers were losing market share and competition getting aggressive day by day. Despite having very popular brands, HUL began losing shares especially in the personal care category.
The HUL brands are facing tough competition from players like ITC , Wipro ,Godrej and the like.
Recently I checked on the HUL products purchased at my home , I was surprised to find that we have dropped many HUL products from our shopping list. In the soap category itself, we never purchased an HUL soap for the past 3 months or so. These spaces are now occupied by brands like Vivel,Dettol, Santoor etc.

In my earlier update on Lux, I mentioned that HUL is not promoting the "original " Lux and not using the equity of Aishwarya Rai. The new campaign involving the two biggest stars of bollywood gives a huge thrust to the brand.

Ordinary consumers seems to be very much impressed by the new campaign. My mother liked the ad so much that she plans to buy Lux soon.

Personally I feel that the ad could have been different. The theme is nothing new and is used by many brands before. But the Star Couple makes the theme irrelevant. The charm and the chemistry of the couple make good the flaws in the "big idea".The ad has a sticky factor and in that sense Lux benefits.

The current campaign although expensive gives the required thrust for Lux. Lux badly needed some thing new to bring back the consumers who switched to other brands and never returned. The brand had made a strong comeback and that too in style.

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  1. But 25 crores, would that be good for the ROIs?

  2. @saurabh
    can we always look ROI as the perfect metrics for advertising ? may be the brand may not recover interms of ROI but if it will arrest the sales slides then can it be termed a good strategy ?

  3. Harish, while I agree with you that RoI shouldn't always be the metric for a brand (building/sustenance) communication, I am still to be convinced that the brand "has come back". It would be informative for all if there are sales figures or perception measurements to vindicate the return of the King (or Queen) of soaps.

    A mega communication campaign may not guarantee the revival (albeit a strong word in this case) of a brand. The effectiveness of advertisements has to be supplemented by other 360 efforts like BTL marketing and Sales strategy implementation.

  4. i agree with utsav LUX should get more personal with its consumers especially in terms of POPs and other BTLS like the use of internet


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