Thursday, October 01, 2009

Marketing Funda : Articles on Marketing -1

Afaqs article on Sleepwell's ads nice read

How Strong is Your Business? Can You Pass the 3 to 6 Test? II good read

Why the Wrong People Get Laid Off — And How to Prevent It II I have 2 make my job confusing!

Brand Positioning For A Better Night's Sleep II

Family values help family owned business survive downturn

Understanding Product Management Role II nice one on product management

Personal Kaizen: 15 Tips for your continuous improvement II nice read on presentation skills

Shave more, get more, grow the core II Gillette asking u to shave ur body.

Eight Questions to Assess Your Sales Organization II must read for sales pros

How Do Innovators Think? II nice read

Management Consulting: Help or Hazard? II hitting hard on consulting pros

The platform vs. the eyeballs II excellent insights for marketers

Actively encouraging cannibalisation II good read

Saturn’s Marketing Lesson Is One To Remember important lesson for marketers

How to Deliver the Talk of Your Life II nice insights

A nice brand story of Zodiac

How to Pursue Your Passion: Understand the Essence of Your Passion nice read

My Best Innovation Advice? Be Promiscuous II nice read

Nike rides high even in recession

Good communication skills outrank other core business competencies