Saturday, October 03, 2009

Marketing Funda : Articles on Marketing -2

Mont Blanc's first Television ad in India II a story to tell..

Use a Human Sales Approach II interesting read

How Corporate Responsibility Can Survive the Recession II Nice read

The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking II good read for students

Brand Perceptions, Slogans and the Mind II absolutely must read for marketers

Why Small Companies Are Better at Customer Service II sincere empathy & Commonsense..

Understanding business development II xcllent insights from Seth Godin

Creating The Brand Halo Effect II Must read for all marketers

Putting the Art of Leadership into Practice

Where's Your Lean? excellent article on communication

Putting the Art of Leadership into Practice nice insights

Creative Strategy Importance: Visual or Verbal? great funda

What gets measured must get done very true indeed

A case to spend money on advertising stanford

Branding lessons from Gillette

Mastering The Multiple Brand Strategy important lessons to be learned

The Art of Giving Praise lessons for professors and salesmen

How to Be Childlike II inspiring

Time or money, which one rules consumer choices excellent article from Wharton

Managing in an upturn, keep expectations low niceone

Future Group's Mythological Marketing II atlast some Indian originated management principles

How to Make Solving Problems Fun II nice read and practical too

Decoding Leadership II simple insights

Excellent story on 3M , 6σ Vs creativity

Sub-Brands & Line Extensions II subbrands can create confusion if not clearly defined

How Lakme brand is trying to change itself

Nice article on Carnation auto owned by Jagdish Khattar

Inside Procter & Gamble's New Values-Based Strategy II excellent article

Understanding Indian consumer by Rama Bijapurkar

Double Branding's Disadvantage Alries says singlebrands r stronger

Use Salesmanship to Energize Your Organization II couldnt agree more

Salespeople: Don't Talk About Price on the First Date xcellent, but will it work?

How to Make Metaphorical Magic in Your Speech excellent article on communication

Do Interesting Things This really inspired me

Get off my land! Leading vs. Poacher Brands (Part 1) funda

Category Builders vs. Category Killers excellent article from Alries

Citizen Sweety Blouse: Draupadi Cheer Haran