Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brand Update : Wagon R

Wagon R is one of the largest selling brands in the Indian car market. The brand is currently in its maturity stage and Maruti is all set to put Wagon R again into the growth path. The brand has roped in Madhavan as the brand ambassador . The brand hopes that the endorsement from the star will create a new growth path for it.

Watch the TVC here : Wagon R

Wagon R is a highly relevant product for Indian consumers. I have spoken to many Wagon R users and all of them have high regards for this vehicle. Even though the product is a globally " Outdated" vehicle, for Indian consumers the brand has remained very useful. One of the major factors that drive this brand's sales is its usability. The car is easy to drive and extremely comfortable and is virtually trouble-free thanks to the Maruti Reliability.

When the product reaches the maturity stage, marketers change its marketing mix elements to rev up the sales. In the case of Wagon R, Maruti chose to change its promotions. The choice of Madhavan as the brand ambassador will give an added thrust to the brand equity of Wagon R. The brand is feeling that it is not realizing its potential fully in the southern market. Madhavan is expected to boost the brand sales in the southern markets. ( related report)

It is also interesting to see how the brand has used Madhavan in its communication. Madhavan is being used as a model in the TVC rather than as an endorser. Here Madhavan is being used as a character in the TVC plot. He is being cast as an entrepreneur in the ad.One of the reasons cane be that if Madhavan acts as an endorser, no one will believe that he uses a Wagon R. So it makes sense to cast him as a character rather than as an endorser.

Wagon R retains its core positioning as a smart choice car and has a new slogan " Smart Ideas lead the world " . The brand retains its tagline " For a Smarter Race ".
The new campaign is pushing the idea that Wagon R is a smart choice for the consumers. Indian consumers seems to like that idea.
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  1. I have noticed another subtle marketing move which Wagon R has been taking since the past few months.

    In the business page of Times of India there appears a strip from Wagon R. It is not a comic strip but a two part strip.

    The protagonist (Mr WizeR) makes small 'smart' statements and the image of Wagon R appears on his back.

    Personally, I feel it is a good idea but absolutely poor execution. The comments made by the protagonist are not at all 'smart'. It is better if they just displayed the logo of Wagon R in the space everyday and got some more awareness.

    You can read more on the strip here:

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  4. Anonymous9:10 AM

    If you notice, Maruti has been using "Way of Life" as a company tag line for some of the newer models (Ritz and A Star) while they continue to use "Count on Us" for the rest of the models. How does this make sense from an organisation standpoint?

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  6. Count on Us is the tagline for Maruti corporate brand while individual brands have individual taglines.

    @vivek thanks for the info

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  9. The all new Maruti MR Wagon is too different than Wagon R as its a box shaped car with urban interior and powerful engine.Its a good choice for urban transport.


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