Thursday, March 26, 2009

Macroman : Excitingly Male

Brand : Macroman
Company : Rupa & Co

Brand Analysis Count : 389

Recently I was virtually stunned by a huge billboard featuring the bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan endorsing an Innerwear brand. The brand was Macroman. Macroman is from the hosiery major Rupa &Co which is famous for the brands like Frontline and Euro and
also famous for the tagline " Ye Aaram Ki Mamla Hain ".

Although innerwear brands has been using celebrities like Salman,Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol etc, this Hrithik ad was different because Hrithik was an unlikely candidate for an Innerwear brand.

Reports say that Hrithik was initially not very keen on endorsing an innerwear brand . The company put an offer that was too good for him to refuse ( some say it was Rs 10 crore for two year contract).

Macroman was not a new brand. The brand was existing as a sub-brand of Rupa . Initially the brand was only one product ie briefs, till 2000.Later the brandline was extended to include vests also. In 2007, the brand was lifted from a sub-brand to a standalone primary brand.

Macroman shot into limelight in 2007 when the company decided to promote this brand as a premium innerwear brand. The brand had a phased relaunch across India and the use of Hrithik got the brand a huge mileage interms of media publicity.Hrithik endorses Macroman M series which was created as a line extension of Macroman brand.

Macroman has chose not to adopt the Rupa's positioning based on comfort. Infact the brand is conscious not to even mention that it is from the product line of Rupa because it wanted to create a premium image.

Macroman has adopted a tagline " Excitingly Male " and " Live like a Macroman " .Although the company had paid through the nose to get Hrithik, unlike Salman and Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik will give a touch of class to the brand because of his young age and the charisma.

The premium segment of the innerwear market is witnessing huge competition with all major readymade brands extending itself to innerwears. Brands like Color plus and VanHeusen have launched their innerwears and there is the presence of a strong market leader VIP. Hence the challenges for Macroman is huge.
Watch the TVC here : Macroman

It is reported that the contract with Hrithik is for two years from 2007 and the brand has not created a huge buzz across the market. In my state of Kerala, I havn't seen any promotional activity of this brand except the hoarding which I saw the last day.

Time will not wait for any brand. Macroman had a prize catch celebrity which could gel well with the brand's positioning as a premium innerwear. The only thing that Macroman has to do is to capitalize on the hype before it is too late.
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