Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marketing Funda : REAPS Model

REAPS model of needs was proposed by Indian Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor of Samsika Marketing Consultants.

REAPS stands for
R - Rational Need
E - Emotional Need
A - Aspirational Need
P - Physical Need
S - Spiritual Need

REAPS Model may sound too simple and obvious . Nothing New about it - was my first impression when I read about it. But on contemplation, this simple model is of immense use for marketers.

What REAPS Model does is that it helps you to understand the various needs of a consumer and then the marketer will be able to rate the brand on these needs.The brand will also then be able to position itself on the most dominant need of the target market. A successful brand should be able to engage all these needs of the consumer.

REAPS Model has its root in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory and other motivational theories but what has appealed to me is the simplicity and the practical nature of this model.
The task of the marketer is to understand the dominant need category to which the target segment belong and then create a product /communication for them.

Another important factor to understand is that a consumer will have multiple needs at a point of time. Hence while creating a product, the marketer has to make sure that the product appeal to all these need levels. Brands which have iconic status appeal to all these need levels of the consumer.

For example a brand like Apple, appeals to the rational needs through its product features, appeals to the emotional need of the consumers through its positioning, is aspirational because of the brand , appeals to the physical needs through design and connects to the consumer at a higher level of bonding with the consumer.
According to Wharton , Nokia is a brand which addressed all these needs successfully and hence was able to rule the Indian market . Read the article here : Wharton on REAPS

REAPS is a simple tool which can be used by marketers working on a new product design. The idea and the prototypes can be rated on these needs to see whether it makes sense to go ahead.This tool also helps marketer to periodically review their brand on these needs to see whether the brand is still relevant to consumer.

It is also encouraging to see proprietary models being developed by Indian marketers.
Kudos to Mr Jagdeep Kapoor.