Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rupa Innerwear : Ye Aaram Ka Mamla Hai

Brand : Rupa
Company: Rupa & Co
Agency: Bates

Brand Count :133

Indian innerwear market is estimated to be around Rs 5160 crore and Rupa is one of the largest innerwear company in India. The company was established in 1987 has a range of brands in the Men's innerwear and lingerie segments.

Rupa is the company's mass market brand. The brand has the distinction of the first innerwear brand to be endorsed by celebrities ( correct me if Iam wrong). Although an unlikely brandname for a men's innerwear, the brand has around 14% share in the segment. The market leader is VIP with a marketshare of 20%.

The innerwear market is dominated by unorganised sector commanding more than 60% of the market. The branded innerwear market is only to the tune of Rs 750 crore. Recent years saw hectic marketing activity in this segment with foreign and national brands launching their products in the market.

Rupa brand has been seriously nurtured and the owners has been using Stars to endorse the brand. The major stars who endorsed Rupa range include
Govinda for Frontline range replaced by Salman
Saif Ali for Bruno
Aishwarya Rai for Softline range
Lisa Ray for Bruno for Her.
This has ensured that the brand receive a mass appeal. The brand is positioned on the platform of comfort and the tagline is the famous " ye Aaran ka mamla hai".
2003 saw the company's foray into the premium segment of men's innerwear with the brand Euro. The premium segment is worth around 120-150 crore and is witnessing lot of competition. Global majors like Sara Lee with Hane's brand and domestic majors like Color Plus, Van Heusen and Peter England has launched its range in this segment.
Euro is positioned as an upmarket brand and is not relying on Stars to promote the brand. The brand is positioned on "sex appeal" and the TVC of the ad features the man being "assaulted" by ladies . Euro also is the brand that came out with the " Bacteria resistant " innerwears. The brand is said to have captured around 20% market share in this segment. Rupa has roped in Alyque Padamsee as a marketing consultant to develop this brand.
With all the major brands eyeing for a share in one of the largest and most potential innerwear market in the world ( just look at the population), Rupa is bracing itself for a tough marketing warfare. Rupa has been careful in communicating and positioning its brand to the masses. But since the brand is relying on Bollywood stars and currently its ads are dubbed in the Southern market, VIP is dominating in the southern market. Rupa may have to think about having some campaign flexibility for tapping the market in the south.The greatest challenge for any innerwear marketer is to fight the unorganised sector which dominates this market coupled with cheap imports.
With the launch of Euro, Rupa is testing its marketing acumen in one of the toughest market. After all "Ye Aaram Ka Mamla Hai"

Source: magindia, agencyfaqs,, businessline