Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brand Update : Perk

Perk has got a new brand ambassador in the upcoming bollywood actress Genelia. When ever the brand has a celebrity, the agency is in a state of utter confusion as to where the celebrity and the brand will fit in. The eternal question of whether the celebrity or the brand should get the maximum focus still not yet found by those creative hotshots. 

In a hurry to tap the maximum out of a celebrity's persona, the brand is shoved into the periphery. What ultimately comes out will be something like the new ad for Perk. 

The ad goes like this, Genelia and her friends are in a deep forest ( Lost it seems )
 and they find a odd looking guy selling Tie inside the forest. Later the group finds a Party going on in the middle of the forest. But they are not allowed inside because they don't have a tie ( dress code).  Dejected, the group goes back and takes rest , then Genelia sees the Perk and uski demag ki bathi jala and she and her friends use the Perk wrapper to make the tie...

Whew... I hated writing the above  script because video was not available. 
In the whole 60 sec ad, there is a  single shot of Perk. Rest is all bullshit. At the end of the ad, there is the brand's tagline " Take it lightly " which  does not hold any  connection with the whole plot. 

Remember this is a brand which shot into limelight using Priety Zinta very effectively. The brand itself is showing how to use a celebrity effectively and also how to mess up the brand running after a celebrity. While trying to use Genelia's charm and youthful look, the brand was totally forgotten. The plot is totally  out of sync with the brand's positioning. 

Perk also soft launched its variant Perk Poppers which is a product similar to Munch Popchocs.

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