Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brand Update : Perk

Perk has launched a new variant this year . Ulta Perk. This is an interesting variant since it is the the complete opposite of the product form of the parent brand Perk. Perk Ulta is the wafer chocolate with Wafer Outside and Chocolate Inside. ie Complete Reverse of the original Perk.The brand is making much noise in the media with some hilarious campaigns.

Watch the TVC : Ulta Perk
Ulta Perk is rather a smart way to rejuvenate a stagnant brand. The brand was desperate to create some newness into Perk. The brand was not facing competitive pressures but the category is facing stagnation. So these kind of tricks ( innovations) will work. Confectionery market works on inducing impulsive purchases. Ulta Perk may bring in customers who have long forgotten this brand.
Another positive effect is that the agencies will have something to work with. O&M already have some outrageous commercials ( print and tvc) based on this idea. Ulta Perk is having the tagline " Full Palti" means " Complete Reverse" . The new variant has a highly extendable Big Idea which the creatives can work on.
Ulta Perk is targeting the Teen and Youth with this variant. Priced at Rs 5, Ulta Perk is going to Perk Up the market for sure.
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