Friday, June 29, 2007

Real Twist : Come ,Let Us Twist

Brand : Real Twist
Company : Dabur
Agency : Lowe

Brand Count : 244

Dabur has come out with a new brand Real Twist in the highly lucrative Indian Fruit Drinks market. The above statement is wrong... because Real Twist is not a new brand but a Product Line extension and the brand is not new because it was launched way back in 2005. But since the brand is now having an entirely new marketing mix, I thought I would call it a new brand.

Dabur's Real brand of fruit juices are market leaders in the Rs 350 crore Fruit Juices + Nectar market. The brand has a whopping 85% share. But this market is small compared to the Rs 1200 crore Fruit Drinks market which is dominated by Frooti and Maaza.More over this market is growing at an impressive 25%. Interestingly majority of customers doesn't fully understand the difference between fruit juices , nectar and fruit drink. The deciding factors behind their purchase decision is Product quality , Price and Promotion.Dabur which aspires a high growth in FMCG and foods business cannot ignore this mass market.
Dabur's Real brand which has a variant named Real Activ is positioned on the Health platform. Recently Real is running a campaign " Tastes Like a Real Fruit". Although Twist is now launched as a product line extension, on a closer look the Real brand is just endorsing the new brand. I feel that over time Twist will have its own identity. When it was launched initially in 2005, it was a real product line extension. But now it seems to be a real product launch rather than a relaunch.

Twist is a fruit drink which is positioned as a fun brand. The target group is obviously young people which forms a larger part of the consumer population in this category. Currently Twist is promoted heavily in Television. Twist is really a Mango drink with an addition of other fruits. There are initially two variants with Mango remaining the base in both the variants.

Watch the ad here : Real Twist

The brand uses the tagline :" AAo Twist Kare" translated to "Come Let us Twist" . The ads are well made and creates some amount of fun and energy for the brand. Essentially the brand is trying to promote itself as a highly young and vibrant brand.According to reports, along with the promotion , the brand's strong point is the price. Twist is now retailing at Rs 10 for 200 ml and Rs 25 for 600 ml and Rs45 for 1200 ml. The attractive price with some good promotion can give Frooti some serious touch of competition. For the customers the endorsement from Real will give them some confidence about the health factor in this drink. And since Twist is not going to depend on Real for its existence, there is no issue of the dilution of Real's equity as a healthy Fruit Juice.
As a lover of ads, I am impressed by the ads in the sense that it is fun and not boring. But the real test of Twist comes in the product performance.Frooti sensing the competition has already running a few campaigns. The competitors are going to up their ante and lot of ads may be on air soon.
Dabur has always surprised market watchers. This company which had the image of a chyavanprash company has changed itself to become the one of the major FMCG company in India. Twist is the byeproduct of their aggressive growth strategy. Will TWIST make a REAL difference is something to watch for.

What do you think?

Source : businessline, businessindia,agencyfaqs,ET

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