Monday, June 11, 2007

Book Review : One Land One Billion Minds

Another addition to the Marketing Practice : a section on books. Starting with a review of " One Land One Billion Minds " published originally in SCMS Journal of Indian Management Vol iii Oct-Dec 2006


Insights on branding in India

Author : Ramanujam Sridhar

Edition : 2006

ISBN : 81-85984-17-4

Price : Rs.850/-

Pages : 400

Publisher : Productivity and Quality Publishing Pvt.Ltd., Madras.

The book by Ramanujam Sridhar talks about his journey from the world of finance to the universe of marketing and branding. Starting a career in Banking and moving over to the world of advertising, Mr.Ramanujam is known for his advertising acumen.
The book is an autobiographical insight into the Indian marketing and Advertising. Spread in 13 chapters, the book is rich with examples and case studies that make it and interesting reading.
The book starts with a peep into the travel of the author from banking to advertising and moves over to the most important topic of Understanding Indian consumers. Moving over, the author covers the concept of brands and brand management. Then towards the end of the book, the author explains his views on the role of advertising and public relations.

The book emphasizes on the importance of brands and more importantly on the strategy that should drive the brands. He cites many prominent Indian brands that succeeded because of careful planning. While criticizing on the over use of Celebrity endorsements, the author gives certain guidelines on using Celebrity to the brand’s advantage. The author also gives an effort to give the readers an insight to the future of brands in India.

The experience of the author is shared to the readers when he deals with the Advertising part of the book. He reminds the Brand Owners about the power of advertising and how advertising build brands. The case of Advertising agency’s position in the Client –Agency relationship is dealt with in the chapter aptly titled “Is Your Ad Agency Truly Your Partner? The author says, “Truly great work happens when the agency feels electrically charged about the client and his brand.”

The topic selections, the name of the book and the profile of the author, build up lot of expectations about the book for a reader. The readers would expect a highly insightful commentary on Indian brands will little disappointed after reading the entire book. The reason is that although there are lot of examples and consumer insights, the author has been saying the obvious. For an uninitiated to the world of advertising and branding, this book will prove to be a storehouse of information. But for a management graduate of a marketing practitioner, the concepts are not new and the examples already discussed in various forums. The author often repeats lot of points again and again in various occasions sometimes gives a feeling of boredom. For example, TVS Victor and Titan feature in different chapters more than once. Although the book starts with an autobiographical note, somewhere the personal touch is lost in the book that leaves the reader craving for more of his personal experience than the oft-repeated theories.

Neat layout and impressive presentation makes this book easy to read but at the end of the book, messages fail to get imprinted in the mind.