Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How marketers visualize deadly Germs !

Indian marketers are in love with germs. Many brands have taken up the task of protecting Indian consumers from the deadly attack from the germs. Keedanu is often the generic term used by Indian marketers to denote the germs. 
For many brands, especially in the cleaning segment, the basic USP of most of the brands is the germ-fighting. Marketers have chosen different ways to visualize the germs. While some brands have tried to make the visualization close to reality, some brands have chosen to go beyond reality. 

A peep into how marketers visualize the deadly germs.

Dettol has been in the forefront of fighting germs and the USP of the brand is " Be 100% Sure". This brand has visualized germs in a realistic manner.

Dettol Handwash 

Dettol Soap

Lifebuoy  is a brand which fights Dettol in terms of the positioning. While Lifebuoy soap which boasts of protecting consumers from 10 types of Keedanu has chosen to depict these germs in a realistic manner.

On the other hand, Lifebuoy handwash has gone the exaggerated way with the deadly germs taking up the form of animals with hands legs and even tails. Some looks like octopus.
Lifebuoy Handwash

Pepsodent is another brand which talks about fighting germs and the brand has also tried to visualize germs in a more realistic manner.
Pepsodent Germs

Colgate which is the principal opponent of Pepsodent has gone to depict the germs in a comic fashion. The germs although deadly looks cute and funny. But beware : Looks often deceive !
Colgate Germs

Floor cleaners are another saviors for consumers in the fight against the germs. Lizol which is the major brand in this category also have realistically portrayed the "Deadly Germs" 
Lizol germs

Danone Yogurt 
According to Danone, there is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Good bacteria are round shaped,  cute and colorful.

The award for the best creative visualization of the deadly KEEDANU goes  to

Nothing beats the visualization of germs as done by Domex. These germs comes from the labs of Steven Spielberg. The Domex germs are organized and there is a leader who is plotting war against the humans. But thankfully Domex saves the world.

This is what Wikipedia gives as image for bacteria !
E Coli