Sunday, April 06, 2014

Brand Update : Small deo brands gets celebrities to move ahead

In the cluttered Indian Deo Market, brands are keeping no options unused. Denver, has roped in Saif Ali khan to endorse while Envy - another deo brand has roped in Irfan Khan as the celebrity endorser. The 2100 crore Indian deo market is cluttered with local brands upsetting the majors like HUL and gaining market share. 
The competition is getting more intense with brands like Provogue, Park Avenue entering the deo market with their own variants. Recently ads were splashed across the media for Provogue Deo being endorsed by  Fardeen Khan. 
Having said that, the positioning of all the deos has remained almost the same- attracting girls. The exception was Fogg which became India's largest selling deo brand which was positioned differently . The Fogg's proposition of " No Gas " was liked by the consumers and Fogg dethroned Axe to become the market leader. Envy, another deo brand, was quick to imitate Fogg. While Fogg claimed to give 800 sprays for a bottle of deo, Envy claimed to give 1000 sprays. The fight still goes on. 

Now these brands are banking on the celebrities to create some space of itself. But as commonsense speaks, celebrities themselves have become commodities, so what kind of value that they can bring in ? However, these smaller brand will gain immediate brand-recall through the celebrity endorsement which may bring in results in the short-term. In this era of " Quarterly Performance Focus " who is interested in long-term !