Friday, January 31, 2014

Brand Update : Is Titan's re-positioning worth it ?

The recent campaign of Titan featuring the "farewell to the professor" was very well received by the audience. Across the media, there are columns talking about the brand rediscovering the joy of gifting. As we know that the brand exploded into the market as the perfect gift that you can give to others. 
Watch the ad here : Titan Prof 
Although the theme of students spontaneously singing in the class is a not a new idea ( remember Airtel's HFZ campaign), the execution of the ad was perfect.The re-introduction of the signature tune was also well appreciated and brought in some nostalgic memories about the brand.

The interesting question is- if reports to be believed that Titan has truly rediscovered the Joy of Gifting, then what happened to 'Be More' positioning ?
In the TVC, the tagline of Titan is shown as " The Joy of Gifting" . So one can safely assume that the brand has re-positioned to its old platform based on gifting. 
I initially thought that the campaign which began during Christmas was just for the occasion but news report suggest otherwise.
Was it a right move to discard the Be More campaign ??
Be More campaign which was heavily promoted using Aamir Khan was a good proposition and matched the premium positioning of Titan. Aamir also fitted perfectly in the entire positioning campaign. After building up so much over the positioning, I think it was unwise for the brand to ditch a positioning for which it has invested so much. 
Regarding the gifting proposition, although it had helped Titan to gain a prominent position in the Indian watch market in the past, has lost its novelty.
Be More was a powerful platform which offered the brand lot of scope for creatives and also had helped to connect the brand to a higher order attribute . From that higher order attribute, the brand had slide down to a object that can be gifted. 
While 'Be More' campaign clearly talked about the user - that the user of Titan is one who wanted to grow, suddenly one finds that the brand stopped talking about the user and started talking about the object. Brands investing so much in building a positioning and then ignoring it for no reason has now become a common feature which will hurt the brand in the long-term.


  1. I think it's a good balance to attempt, as long as the positioning differentiates between the TA clearly. Also, it may allow for a more comfortable framing of the Price Point.
    Are you saying there are no sub-ranges in their products that allow them to do that ?

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  2. congratulations guys, quality information you have given!!!


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