Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brand Update : Choclairs says " Fruit of patience is Chocolate"

After the rebranding of Echlairs to Choclairs, Cadburys has launched another tvc for the brand. This time, within a short span, the brand changed its focus to the chocolate part. In the rebranding campaign, Choclairs was giving the message that Choclairs will not stick in the mouth. This time the brand is focusing on the chocolaty core of the product.

Watch the ad here : Choclairs Ummm

The ad is just ordinary and the theme is nothing new. The theme of sudden burst of activity after consuming chocolate has been used plenty of times ( for example Tic Tac) . Even in the execution also, there is no novelty. I would pass it as an ordinary ad with no wow factor. The brand now adopts the tagline " Sabar ka Phal Choclate Hota Hain " roughly translated to " Fruit of patience is chocolate " which is the parody of " Fruit of patience is sweet". The idea is good but when it got executed, the freshness was lost.

I think that to bring in humor, the brand somehow has messed up the whole plot. The exaggeration also spoils the entire ad. Since its Cadburys one expects a certain level of class in ads which was surely missing in the current tvc.