Thursday, January 09, 2014

Britannia NutriChoice : Tasty Health Biscuits

Brand : NutriChoice
Company : Britannia

Brand Analysis Count : # 537

NutriChoice ,which was launched in the nineties, is leading the Briatannia's efforts to create a new position of health in the biscuit market. The brand is now worth more than Rs 280 crore . The health and nutrition based biscuit segment in the Indian market is now worth around Rs 500-600 crore and growing at a faster rate ( Business Standard).
NutriChoice although launched in the nineties had its graph shooting up after the relaunch in 2006. The relaunch coincided with the general trend of the market moving towards healthy foods. The brand is credited with the creation of a healthy biscuit segment in the market. 
The success of this brand can be attributed to the timing, persistence and constant improvement. The brand went for a change in the packaging along with the rebranding which made the brand look more up-market and attractive.
Secondly the brand constantly launched relevant variants to keep the interest level high. In 2008, NutriChoice launched 5 Grain biscuits which really caught the fancy of the health conscious consumers. It was then followed by high fibre digestive crackers. 2010 saw the launch of diabetic- friendly NutriChoice variant which really became a hit in the market. These initative saw the brand grow from around Rs 190 in 2010-11 to Rs 280 in 2011-12. 
NutriChoice's positioning was purely based on the health platform. The brand considered itself a cursader for healthy lifestyle. The brand's message was conveyed not only through advertising but also through many innovative below-the-line activities. The brand pioneered India's first health social networking site iHealthU.It also partnered with many agencies in conducting events which promoted healthy lifestyle. The brand had adopted the slogan of a Honestly Good Biscuit which cared for your health. 
The basic premise of the brand is to provide a healthy alternative to snacks. NutriChoice  at a point had Rahul Dravid endorsing it. 
Watch some of the campaigns here : NutriChoice 1

This season, the brand has comeout with a new campaign which is very interesting. In Advertising classrooms, we teach the concept called Two- sided arguments as a message strategy. This is where the brand talks about both the positives and negatives to the consumer. The latest NutriChoice ad is a typical two-sided message strategy executed perfectly.
The brand is now comparing itself with the alternatives like Brown Bread and Pizza or a Salad and Doughnut
The brand says it may not be as healthy as a large bowl of salad but definitely more healthy than a  chocolate doughnut, but the brand has come half-way so asks the consumer to do their part.

I find the ad extremely well executed and more importantly honest.The message is simple and drives home the point that NutriChoice is a tasty alternative to junk foods. 
NutriChoice's success has prompted many players like McVities and Horlicks to enter the market but the distribution strength and the brand's equity has so far stonewalled the attack on this brand. 


  1. Nutrichoice biscuits are my favorite, and there is a very nice website for Britannia Nutrichoice

  2. Among the USPs of the company, apart from a wide range, the most prominent are its dedicated focus on the quality of its products and its appreciation for the contribution of the employees.


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