Monday, January 27, 2014

Kwiknic : Freedom from Tobacco

Brand : Kwiknic
Company : ITC

Brand Analysis Count : # 538

Kwiknic is an interesting brand. A nicotine replacement therapy brand from India's leading cigarette maker . Its a paradox of sorts - India's largest cigarette maker promoting a product that helps you break free from tobacco. So at one end, ITC is encouraging people to smoke and then helping them to quit smoking - marketing has come to a full circle.
Sarcasm apart, the business angle is that the nicotine gum market although small is growing at 45% per annum. The market was estimated at around Rs 20 crore in 2013 ( source ET, Business Standard). So it makes perfect sense to launch a product in a market where there is a huge market for cigarettes.Also the increasing demarketing done by NGOs and Governments also ensure that this product category is bound to grow.
Before the launch of Kwiknic, there were other players also . The main players in the nicotine gum category are : Nicorette by Johnson & Johnson
Nicotex and Nicogum by Cipla.

ITC is trying to leverage the distribution strength to push the product to the consumers. 
What is interesting about the brand is the promotion strategy . The product is used as a tool to reduce dependency of tobacco. So one expects the brand to talk about the harm that tobacco causes with graphic details of cancer and other ailments. But surprisingly Kwiknic chose to use humor to communicate the brand's message. 
The brand also has taken a very different approach to addressing the addiction issues. Rather than scaring the people with gory details of diseases, the brand chose a lighter humorous situations to drive home the point.
Watch the ads here : Kwiknic Hospital ; Kwiknic marriage
One of the advantages of using such an approach is that it takes the seriousness or taboo out of the brand. Consumers may not feel inhibited to buy this product because it is not projected as an addiction therapy. One downside is that it is risky to take the seriousness out of the product so the effectiveness of the product may be doubted.
The ads are hilarious, repeatedly watchable and hence would help the brand in building awareness. Its also interesting to note that Kwiknic talks about freedom from chewing tobacco and not smoking.

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  1. ITC is leveraging on their distribution, they did the same to promote Bingo... As told, they are playing a very safe game by positioning it Anti Tobacco

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