Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GenX :Define Your Body, Inspire Your Mind

Brand : GenX
Company : Lux Hosiery Industries
Agency : Prachar

Brand Analysis Count : 408

If you are a regular reader of Economic Times Brand Equity, you will never miss this brand. GenX is a brand from Lux Hosiery which is famous for its Lux brand of innerwears.
GenX is a premium brand from Lux Hosiery. The brand was launched in the mid 2000 .

Although GenX is a premium brand, it is best known for the controversies generated because of their ads. The brand had a television commercial in 2006 which was later banned by the ASCI because it was of bad taste.

I think the brand learned some lessons from that controversies. From 2006 -2008, GenX was little silent. Now the brand is a regular advertiser in select media.

The brand had chosen a very different approach towards advertising ( my opinion). In most of their print ads, there is not much copy and sometimes just a model wearing the innerwear.As a customer, I felt intrigued by the ads and frankly I thought that it was an international brand.

The brand also seems to follow the United Colors of Benetton approach ( minus controversy). I remember the brand using a white and black models in their ads.
When we use less copy in advertisements, the product has to speak for itself. It is a risky strategy where the brand is expected to make the statement . In the case of GenX, the brand stands out and speaks for itself.

GenX is fighting with giants like Jockey and a whole set of extensions of Van Heusen , Color Plus etc. Hence the brand has to create an international appeal to fight with these brands.

I have not seen any ad of GenX in other magazines. I think the brand is limiting its exposure to Brand Equity and the likes. But I like the approach of the brand and the statement it is trying to make.