Friday, July 17, 2009

Brand Update :Margo

It has been a long time since I wrote about Margo. Margo was virtually silent all these years and I even thought that the brand was dead. Recently I was pleasantly surprised to see a television commercial for Margo. In the article I had recommended that the brand should take the help of a celebrity.

One of my readers had earlier pointed out that the brand had roped in Rani Mukherjee as the brand ambassador . It was the first time that I saw the ad of Margo featuring Rani.

Watch the commercial here : Margo TVC

I am not sure whether this is an old TVC . Reports suggest that Rani Mukharjee was roped in as brand ambassador in 2008.

I am glad that Margo is trying again for a comeback. I also appreciate the fact that the brand is relying on its heritage and the core advantage of " Neem " ingredient.
Margo faces two issues in this relaunch attempt. First is the product qualities. Margo is well known for its " Pungent Smell " and non-lathering properties. That perception is still there in the market. Hence the task for the brand is to change the product by changing fragrance and making it lather more. I have not used the new Margo , hence could not comment on the product features.

The second issue is with regard to the celebrity. Rani is not at her career best and that can have some negative influence on the current brand efforts. How ever, the fortunes of these bollywood celebrities are highly unpredictable. I had earlier commented that Aishwarya Roy is a better choice of a brand endorser than Kathrina Kaif. Further events have proved me wrong and now Kathrina Kaif is a hot property.

The message in the current Margo relaunch is also laudable. The brand is taking the risk of being branded as Mama's brand . The campaign is making this as the USP and banking on its heritage.

In a smart move, the brand has launched a Rs 5 sample pack which will enable lot of sampling for the brand. If the brand is able to prove its worth, Margo will once again will be on the growth path.

Let us wait and watch the response of consumers to the current relaunch.
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