Monday, July 13, 2009

Brand Update : Yamaha

Yamaha has launched (relaunched ) Fazer in the Indian market. Yamaha India is clearly on overdrive with the success of R15 and FZ range. Fazer is a 150 cc bike priced around Rs 72000.
Fazer came to India in 2004 as a 125 cc bike. The bike was different from others because of its unique twin headlamps. But the bike got a lukewarm response from the Indian market.

Now Fazer comes with a new 153 cc engine and a terrific styling. In my earlier post on Yamaha , I had compared the Fazer 125 cc with its global counterpart and criticized Yamaha for bringing in a stripped down version of Fazer.

Now that complaint has been taken care of. The new Fazer looks exceptionally cool and stylish.

Fazer is targeting the bikers who likes to live their life on their motorcycles. The brand is being positioned as one ideal for those weekend getaways.
The brand is currently running a TVC : Watch it here

Fazer has the tagline of "Touring Spirit " which reflects the brand's positioning.

Yamaha has identified its core brand DNA. Yamaha has found that its success lies in performance bikes rather than those volume driven underpowered bikes. Yamaha is now reinforcing its brand DNA by bringing in models that drive performance and style rather than volume. A look at the home page of Yamaha India reflects the new Yamaha.

Corporate brand - Yamaha also sports the new tagline " Yes Yamaha ".

It is good to see a failed brand rejuvenating itself . The lesson that Yamaha gives the marketing practitioners is not to forget the Brand DNA.